16 March 2007

For a Limited Time Only

I don't know what it is about this week; my brain feels fried (just what is the statute of limitations on blaming daylight savings?). So instead of words today, you're going to get another picture!

Wednesday was a gorgeous day! It wasn't warm by any stretch of the imagination (it barely crept above 40 degrees), but when the sun comes out here, you've got to get it while you can. It doesn't take long for the clouds and rain to roll in on the sun's coattails.

My friend Peggy and I took advantage of the weather & went for a walk around one of the lakes here in town. We couldn't have asked for a better day!


  1. And you're jealous of sunny CA? That is gorgeous. . . and so serene. Beautiful!

  2. Love the clever title of your post. And I agree with Rebecca -- gorgeous and so serene!

  3. It's the warmth I envy!! But you are both absolutely right: it was a beautiful, serene day. I am not sure what the temp was, but I do know my fingers were going numb inside my gloves and that I could barely feel my arms halfway round the lake. Brr!

    Looking outside right now gives me evidence of the "limited time" remark: the rain is pounding down, and has been since Thurs. Running back to my car from the cozy spot in which I've situated myself means I'm in for a slight soaking. But that's OK - it's all that rain that makes this state "evergreen".


  4. Ahhh. . . evergreen. That is something that California (at least MOST of CA) cannot boast. How about I send you some warmth and you send me some rain? Deal? =)

  5. the name of your post resonated here in the hills as well.....after 70 degree weather midweek last week, we got another snow and ice storm over the weekend! bummer!

  6. Rebecca: it's a deal!

    Blue Mountain: That sounds like crazy weather! Sounds a lot like here. On the 1st of March, we had 3-4 inches of snow. On the 6th, it was 67 degrees. Go figure. :o)

  7. Kirsten! I am here! I am back!

    I look forward to experiencing the beauty of Washington in person.

    As for evergreen, we certainly are not. In fact, I remember having a discussion with Kelly at Biola about how when she was little she drew trees as brown trunks with green triangles on top. I thought this was funny as when I was little I drew trees as brown trunks with big green balls on top.

    Anyway, this winter I have especially enjoyed the artistry of leafless limbs twisting and spreading towards the sky.

    I am amazed by the extent of God's beautiful creation.