30 June 2007

Catching My Breath

This post today finds me at the Starbucks just down the street from my apartment; the sun is shining and after the deluge of last weekend, the sun is a welcome relief. These past couple of weeks having left my head spinning and for once, it is nice to sit, soak up the sun (and the WiFi), and to sip on some passion iced tea.

Two weeks ago, I broke up with my boyfriend. The week after that, I had two job interviews (one on Wednesday, the next on Thursday). That Friday, I was offered the job I wanted most (I can finally announce it publicly now -- yeah!!), and turned the other down. During this same week, I found out that the house we had hoped to move into in a few days will not be ready until mid-July at the soonest (they have actually refused to give us a date). I have to be out of my current apartment by the July 8, meaning I will be sans address for at least a week and will have to move twice, finding a home for my boxes, furniture, and other contents of my apartment during that time. Thankfully, my friend Peggy & her husband Adam have graciously agreed to put a roof over my head for as long as I should need one.

Dizzy. Head is spinning.

Since I must be out of my current apartment by the 8th, the bulk of today has been spent doing my traditional Saturday cleaning (bathroom, floors, etc.) as well as boxing up the less essential contents of my apartment. My once-colorful picture and magnet-adorned fridge is stark white and naked. To me, it looks a trifle sad that way. Today I boxed up my books -- all 350 or 400 or them (I have lost count, as I am adding to my collection constantly). All the adornments that gave my apartment personality (framed photos and artwork, mostly) are tucked away in boring white storage boxes, courtesy of Office Depot. Speaking of which, it seems almost criminal to be asked to pay $30 for what amounts to a pile of cardboard (in my opinion, these folding storage boxes are the only way to go when moving massive amounts of books. Any box bigger than that tends to weigh 700 pounds).

I am really looking forward to my new job -- it promises to be a challenge! The raise that accompanies the new title is more than welcome, but is incidental to the fact that I will be doing something I enjoy. I will be a part of my current department's Training & Support team, responsible for evaluating all our current processes, identifying and addressing gaps, and training new hires to perform these processes. I will be responsible for documentation and working interdepartmentally when there is a change or practice that impacts other teams. It will call on my skills of analysis, writing, and being a support to the team. I'm so excited to begin this work, which will begin officially on the 15th.

So yeah ... a lot of ch- ch- ch- changes! If I am remiss is posting or commenting, if I seem to have lost the ability to string words together in coherent sentences, if you start to think I need to make a reservation at a mental health clinic, please let this serve as my explanation for the why of it.

I told the Lord to have His way with me and my goodness -- He took me up on that invitation and is leading me on a grand adventure!! ...


  1. Kirsten, congrats on the new job! Making money doing something you love is a great thing, and for a lot of people, a rare thing. Who-hoo!

    Moving, change can be very liberating. Fresh start, fresh faces, new digs..new home for your fridge magnets.

    You will bring color, fragrance—and contrast to your new world(s).

    Godspeed—and have fun!

  2. Congrats on the new job, Kirsten! It sounds like it will be fun for you!

    But wow, all that change in such a short span of time can be quite overwhelming. Even good change is stressful, I have to remind myself sometimes, because it still means change.

    Thanks for giving us the update. It's good to hear what's going on in your world up there.

    PS: Is this new promotion one of the ones that will be 100 miles away from your current office?

  3. 23 Degrees -- Thanks again for stopping by. I am looking forward to a fresh start in these various areas of my life. Despite the spinning head, I see all these changes as blessings, but am definitely looking forward to feeling more settled as I become adjusted to these changes!

    Christianne -- Thank you also for your well-wishes!! I should have clarified, this job is the one that will keep me living locally (thank goodness, I was not ready to add a move to an entirely different city ot the mix). I look forward to embracing this new challenge and to continue on projects I have been only nominally involved with before because of the limitations of my former position. Yeay!!

    And you're right, al these big changes occurring at once is stressful. Even though these are all positive things, it does require realigning myself and my thought processes in some pretty major areas.

    I really do look forward to the dizzy, head-spinning aspect of all this stopping and just enjoying the new blessings God is bringing into my life!

  4. Congrats on getting the job you wanted. I am glad that you do not have to leave the city you enjoy so much. I look forward to hearing more.

    I pray that you will also get some times of peace during your whirlwind of change.

  5. Wow... you have officially passed the dizziness on to NY. My head is spinning just listening!

    But the changes are good. And I look forward to hearing all that grows from them, as the dust settles and you find a new chair to lean into and speak from.


  6. dear kirsten..... man, i am way behind on all your news. look forward to catching up. congrats on all the NEW(s)...job, house, etc! and much grace during this transitionary stage. i'm with ya, girl...... :)

  7. YEAY!!! Blue Mountain Mama is back!! So good to "see" you again. I look forward to catching up...