25 June 2007

Ushering in Summer, Pacific Northwest Style

This past weekend marked the first official weekend of summer. As residents of Washington state know however, the summer weather does not officially begin until after we receive the inevitable dump of rain on the fourth of July.

This weekend was a classic first weekend of summer if you are from around here. The pounding rain and hail made it sound as though elephants were dancing a drunken jig on the roof.

Falling rain is notoriously difficult to capture in a photograph (even with all the fancy settings on my digital camera), but I've done my best here to show you the volume of precipitation we received yesterday. If you look carefully, you can see the large droplets and hailstones, the rivulets of water running down the pavement, and raindrops bouncing off the porch rail.

Happy Summer!

Saturday also marked an anniversary of our mom's 39th birthday (she might maim me beyond recognition if I told you how old she was, not to mention she refers to all her birthdays as anniversaries of her 39th). Since she is eating gluten-free & dairy-free also, Kaari baked a decandent gluten-free chocolate cake with a raspberry glaze for her.

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

And yes ... it tasted as good as it looks!


  1. Those are great pictures of the rain! I must have a good eye because I was able to see them bouncing off the ledge, just like you said! :)

  2. You're right. Photos just can't capture it (unless one has eagle eyes like Christianne!). Looks like fog to me.

    Oh, but if I close my eyes and dream, I can hear it, hear those elephants crashing.

  3. Christianne does have eagle eyes!! I think I can see it because I already knew it was there. It was a bit foggy that day, but most of what looks like fog is actually large drops of rain falling thick from the sky. I love that sound on the roof, but I definitely needed to duck for cover when I went back to my car!

  4. Happy birthday, Mom! That cake does look scrumptious!

    The rain is beautiful. My eyes aren't as good as Christianne's or maybe my computer screen isn't as HD as hers, but I can smell it and hear it. Ahhhh...I love the rain. If I hadn't been brainwashed along with all other little Texas children I would say I was born in the wrong state.