14 August 2007

Family Antics

One thing I will say for my family is that we do a good job of entertaining ourselves (we are easily amused, what can I say?). We love to laugh and our outbursts of general goofiness know no limits! We celebrated some birthdays & anniversaries on August 5 and this last weekend (on August 12), we gathered to celebrate Kaari's 27th birthday.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. If the saying holds true, then these photos have a lot to say!

From the August 5 Festivities ...

And here we are at the August 12 celebration ...

(This is out in public, at a "fancy" restaurant, no less!)


  1. I like of the siblings, you are the only one not making a funny face - :)

  2. So cool to see your mom being goofy with you all...then again, this trait was probably one she passed down, eh?

    When I hear my kids tell one of "my" jokes to their friends, or make one of my faces, I know it is a job well done on my part.

    God's rich blessings on you and your family!

  3. Ilse -- it's so true!! In these instances, I had no idea Peder & Kaari had opted for the goofy faces, otherwise I would have joined in. I too, have the talent of contorting my face into lovely shapes like my bro & sis can.

    23 Degrees -- It's true, Mom's DNA can be blamed (in part) for passing on the goofy gene to us, though Dad (obviously not pictured here, as he is taking some of these pics) did his part in contributing to that family trait as well. :o)

  4. I remember some of those faces you used to make back in college . . . :)

  5. So any new dating adventures you care to share?

  6. Christianne -- HA!! I can only imagine the faces I made. :o) This WA girl was quiet at first, but definitely had some attitude. :o)

    Ilse -- actually, yes. One dating adventure mainly. It's definitely worthy of its own post, so I'm working on it. Let's just say I feel like I may end up on one of eHarmony's commercials!

  7. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!! That means it would have been a SUCCESS, right??!

    Please, please hurry up and post that post! :)

  8. as i've said before..... you are so lucky to be near all your family. very cool! and looks like you guys get along great, also...which is another big blessing.

    you and christianne went to college together? i didn't know that! i thought you met via blogging......

  9. Christianne -- Yes, yes ... getting to it! Um yeah ... you should see how bruised my arms are from pinching myself. :o)

    Blue Mountain -- Christianne & I did indeed meet in college. We were in the same honors program together, but didn't know each as well as we do now that we're blogging together!

    I too feel EXTREMELY blessed to have my family all around me, so close.