14 November 2007

grrrlfriend gratitude

i thank God for my grrrlfriends!

the older I get, the less friends i have who are single and/or otherwise unattached. i count all my friends as assets beyond measure, but today i offer up particular thanks that i still have those who really are my rowing companions in the increasingly shrinking boat of 30-something singleness. i am really, terribly, & insanely grateful that we have each other.
my friends anna (on the left) and elyse (the brazilian beauty in the norwegian sandwich) are two such friends.

i met them both through work & both have blessed & continue to bless me with their friendship, humor, generosity, and willingness to stick beside me whether it's an i-need-a-truckload-of-kleenex kind of day, or an oh-my-gosh-i-think-i-laughed-so-hard-i-just-ruptured-a-vital-internal-organ kind of day (& everything in between).

when elyse was in town last week (she works in our corporate office in the seattle area), she & anna & i had an impromptu dinner at my place. we enjoyed food, good wine, and ridiculous amounts of laughter (as you can see).

so this post is a shout out!! to these two incredible ladies, these two with whom i can be completely unrestrained and unselfconscious, & who won't hold it against me the next day. if i have to be in this little boat right now, i'm so very glad it's with you.
By yourself you're unprotected. With a friend you can face the worst. Can you round up a third? A three-stranded rope isn't easily snapped.
- Ecclesiastes 4:12 (The Message)


  1. Woohoo!! Love it!! Give up it for the girlfriends!! :)

    So glad you have good friends along this part of the journey. They're delicious when they come, aren't they? God is so good to allow us deep connections with others while on this earth.

    PS: That part about the Norwegian sandwich cracked me up!

    PPS: You're lookin' lovely these days, mama. :)

    PPPS: I think your post inspired a bit of streetspeak in me, if you couldn't quite tell!

  2. can't beat a great night with girlfriends! even when you are married! nothing can replace it....

    so glad you have some great ones!

  3. I love my girlfriends. They are truly amazing, and I have been blessed beyond belief.

  4. Christianne -- I agree!! Seriously. What would any of us do without our girls? We all need relationships, but I think there is something incredibly special about when God gives you those "Dianas", those "bosom friends".

    And thank you for the compliment! I think God has graced me with returning health (evidenced by a few extra pounds on the scale). I'm feeling the best I have in two years.

    Gee, Christianne. One day you're saying words like "bastardized" & the next you've adopted streetspeak. What will come next, I wonder?! :o)

    Blue -- I heartily assent to that. Some of my favorite memories are late nights with the girls, talking, laughing, etc. No matter where we are in life, times like those are so treasured.

    Ilse -- I know what you mean. I think there's something really special about women really connecting; some amazing things can happen. And I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that these friendships help me stay grounded, happy, & sane.

  5. We all need friends like this, boy or girl. Friends are such great blessings.

    Keep up the good work, and on days where you need more kleenex let us know, we can pray for you too!

  6. I couldn’t agree more! What would we do without our girls?

  7. Hi Chloe!! Thanks for visiting. :o)

  8. So cool to know you work with people you love and respect. Great photo, and I also really enjoyed the images on your flickr site, um, sassypants!?

    Is there a story behind this flickr screen name???

    I have been re- reading Ragamuffin Gospel, so it was refreshing to see the Manning quote.

  9. Hi 23 Degrees!! Yeah, a former co-worker (who has since moved far, far away) took to calling me "Sassypants" awhile ago & the name stuck with me. I just like the way it sounds. :o)

    Manning is so refreshing to read. I love it when authors are just honest to their bones, completely straight shooters who don't dance around anything. Manning is definitely one of those!

    Thanks for stopping by; glad to see you here again!