28 January 2008

snowflakes & flip-flops

Don't get me wrong: I am so ready to go to Florida to visit my dear friend (and yours), Christianne. According to Accuweather.com, I can expect temperatures in the mid- to high-70s during my stay. I do so need to thaw out. Here in my corner of the world, the red line of the thermometer has not been able to push much past 20 degrees. My attire these days is regularly comprised of gloves, scarves, thick socks, and my favorite black puffer vest. I come home with icy white hands and toes purple and tingling from the cold. So it seems ironic to be packing a suitcase with short-sleeved tops and contemplating the question of whether or not to pack flip-flops (in which case my agenda for today had better include a pedicure) when there is a fresh dusting of snow in my backyard, resting on the flat and frozen surface of the little pond outside my window.

We got some more snow here yesterday. Having had a couple of unfortunate driving experiences in this kind of weather over the past year or so (nothing major, just those slippery and icy situations you don't want to get into), I typically respond to those first few flakes like an old and wrinkly Scrooge, crossing my arms and sticking out my lower lip, thinking bah humbug. I don't want to drive in this stuff (said with spit and disdain), or I will most certainly slide into a ditch (which, for the record, has not happened).

Yesterday wasn't like that. I ran outside to the snow like a nine-year-old, wondering if this means school is going to be canceled. As those first flakes fell, resting on my arms and eyelashes and nose, something playful and mischievious was awakened in me. My brother and sister felt it too. We played right along with our littlest neighbors. We knew it was magic.

So we just went with it.

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  1. So much fun! I miss the snow...

  2. This post left a smile on my face from ear to ear. I love those photos of all of you! Bro looks mischievous, Kaari looks cute as a button, and you, my dear, look positively exalted. Hooray for the fun and the beauty of the snow.

    I can't even imagine snow here. It has been gorgeous the past two days, clear and blue and with just a twinge of sweet cold on the wind. I love it!

    However, since there has been a little bite to that breeze, I was debating whether to tell you to bring at least some stuff for cooler weather. You might want to do this just in case. Although I checked the weather report, too, and saw even some hopeful reports up in the 80s, which is just perfect for some of the plans I have for you. :)

    Squeal! So excited! In less than 30 hours, you will be HERE!!

  3. Good to know, dear friend. I expect that I will be travelling with warmer attire since the air here definitely has a bite to it, so I will be sure to have a bit of everything I might need with me.

    HOORAH!! Guess who's leaving on a jet plane ... ;o)

    My bro is hilarious. My sis is more adorable than she realizes.

    SO. MUCH. FUN!!

  4. awesome!! so glad your inner child came out to play...

  5. This post made me smile from ear to ear and I needed that. Thanks Kirsten. And HOLY COW I'm so jazzed about your trip. Have fun!

  6. Hi Blue!! Good to see you 'round these here parts again. :o) It was so much fun. It's good to love these things again. ;o)

    Hi Terri - Oh, I am so glad this post made you smile. We had so much fun yesterday, it demanded to be shared with the world. But as fun as the snow is ... I can't wait to get my cold self to Florida & see our dear one, Christianne. :o)

  7. Yippee!!! I love the snow pictures!

  8. this looks like pure pleasure.
    Catching snowflakes on the tongue is a childlike play that never ceases to satisfy.
    Have FUN on your travels.

  9. It's nice to be a kid again isn't it. Soon you will be flip flopping in Florida and I will be so jealous.

  10. Here I am commenting on pictures of snow, and you are probably flying over head about now headed for warmer weather...

    Have a great time!

  11. I love playing in the snow! May I highly recommend a game of snow football if you ever get a chance, tackle of course. Getting tackled into a snow bank is an experience everyone should have . . . whoooo hoo

    Have a great trip and enjoy!

  12. Love it! (and love the B&W images)

    Have a great trip, praying for safe travels, my friend.

  13. Thanks, Suz!! Glad you enjoyed them. ;o)

    LL - Pure joy, indeed. It was fun to just abandon ourselves to that impulse to get out & play!

    Thank you, Bella! There is something about the snow that makes me forget about age & allows me simply to be & to play.

    Hi, Greg! Two wildly different climates over these past two days, for sure. I've do enjoy both. ;o)

    Hi Carl! It is odd that one day I'm bundled up with gloves & scarves and the next, I'm sitting here on Christianne's couch in short sleeves, looking out a window toward sun & warmth. Both are good!!

    Hi Dave! I'm up for football in the snow as long as it's not my bro tackling me. He's a big guy. ;o)

    Thank you, 23 Degrees. It was a long day of travel (will write about that later, perhaps), but now I am here. It is warm & my wonderful friend is just in the next room studying. It is so good to be here. We definitely look forward to seeing what wild plans God might have up His sleeve!

  14. almost like a currier and ives photo or Norman Rockwell. good interaction with the snowflakes.