30 January 2008

'nuff said

Flip-flops. January. Warm toes. Happy girl.

[more to come later ...
just getting warmed up here]

Check out photos from today's neighborhood wanderings here.


  1. Seriously, it's been so fun to watch you bask in the sunshine and warmth with your flops and baby tee.


  2. How stinkin' cute is it that you two are still talking over the internet when you're in the same house? Those toes look mighty warm and happy. It's dropped down to -15 here again in the last couple of days. Last night my cable AND phone AND INTERNET (gasp!!!) bit the dust because of the extreme cold. Phtht! Still, I'm loving the warm thoughts of you two. *happy sigh*

  3. It's 31 here right now. But I don't mind the cold (just wish there was some snow involved).

    But the warm weather does sound nice. It's great that the two of you get to spend time together. It makes me smile. I think I'm getting sappy since I've become a blogger (or maybe that is just an excuse and I've always been sappy?)

    Anyway, pick up some sea shells for me or sumpin ;)

  4. What Christianne's cats are thinking:"How beautiful are the feet that bring good Mews"

  5. Christianne - SO GLAD TO BE HERE, TOO!! It's been so good just to be here, cooking in the kitchen with you, sitting next to you at this table both of us with our laptops open, enjoying hours @ Cup O' Soul yesterday ... sigh. Good, good stuff!

    Terri - It is so stinking fun!! My toes are SO warm & happy. It was nearly 80 degrees (you probably don't want to hear that, do you?) when I went on that walk. It was utterly glorious. And then Christianne & I spent about 4 hours at that cozy little coffee place, Cup O' Soul. It's been positively glorious.

    Sorry to hear about that extreme cold!! Ick. So glad you get to go to Mexico soon & thaw out your own froze toes!! :o)

    Hi Nate! - I hope you are feeling better. Christianne & I keep saying about what a beautiful and amazing dream it would be to have our little community get together in person. Maybe for a long weekend. Around a shared table. Laughing lots & talking deep until the wee hours of the morning.

    Anyway, I'm happy to be such a one who gets to spend time with one of my favorite blogging people in person. She's even more divine in person, if you can imagine that. :o)

    23 Degrees - you are on top of those witty, hilarious comments these days, aren't you? ;o) I think the cats are finally warming up to me ... at least I think that's what Solomon rolling all over my little airbed means ... ;o)

  6. I am freezing cold with envy.
    It looks perfectly wonderful.

  7. Having fun are we?

    (it's almost like I'm enjoying your trip vicariously through you. When i saw that pic i got a warm fuzzy.)

  8. And toe ring. Don't forget toe ring. :)