06 February 2008

christianne & kirsten: the storycorps sessions

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Christianne and I are very eager to share our StoryCorps experience with you by allowing those of you who have a desire to listen to our interview of each other while we were together in Orlando.

But we have a quandary: we’ve been deliberating over the best and most convenient means of delivering the interview to you, but there are pros and cons to each. That is where you come in.

We’ve identified the following possible means to ensure that everyone who wants to has a chance to hear the interview and want to know what you would prefer:

Full-Length Interview Posted Online
We can post the full-length interview so that you can listen to it from a link available online.
PROS: You can listen to the full-length interview in the comfort of your own home, at your convenience.
CONS: Being 40 minutes in length, it means a commitment of time for you to sit in front of your computer to listen to the audio.

Interview Snippets Posted Online
We can break down the interview into more digestible pieces (5-8 minutes in length) and post them in succession.
PROS: Not as big of a time commitment to listen to the whole interview at once.
CONS: Losing continuity of the conversation we shared.

Mailing a Full-Length CD
We have burned several copies of the interview to CD and would be happy to mail them to you.
PROS: You have a hard copy of the interview for yourself so you can hear our voices whenever you please!
CONS: Time and expense. We’ll have to collect everyone’s names and addresses, so there will be a bit of a wait as we collect this information and mail it to you.

So now it’s your turn to provide us with some input! You’ll notice that at the top of the sidebar at the right, there’s a poll where you can choose which means you would prefer. Feel free to leave any additional comments or ideas in the comments section of this post. Please provide your input by 6 p.m. (PST) on Monday, February 11.

We are really thrilled to be able to share this with you! Thanks for helping us determine how we can best accomplish this. We will certainly do our best to ensure it is as convenient and accessible as possible for everyone.

StoryCorps van photo by kirsten.michelle


  1. Thanks so much for doing this, Kirsten! I can't wait to learn what would be most convenient for everyone. It was such a profoundly special time to share with you, covering a handful of themes important to both of us, and it would be so great to let everyone we love in on the loveliness of it!

  2. You are more than welcome, sister!! I am so thrilled to be able to share this with our love- and grace-filled community since our relationship was reforged in this very space!

    SQUEAL!!! ;o)

  3. Whatever you do I hope it's quick. I voted, but I'd go for any of it. :)

  4. Post the whole thing as a downloadable mp3 or ogg file.

    I'd like to hear the whole thing.

    That's my vote.

  5. Terri & Nate - Thanks. This is where my true technological ineptitude is displayed. Thanks for the ideas!! We are really looking forward to getting it out there as soon as possible!


  6. C.D.'s are so 1990's. Post it all on line. I can come back again and finish if I do not the first time.

    I am more then a little jealous that you got to do this... so much fun!

  7. Please post the whole thing? I'm one of those people who digs continuity ;)

  8. Online!!! Online!!! Online!!!

    I want the full story and besides, with a good MP3 encryption, you're looking to download the whole thing in approximately 20 minutes I think?

    You can sample things down to a lower bit rate anyway, since it is audio and you don't need as high a fidelity in the talk. I think your standard podcasts are going in 96Kbps sampling rate. That times goes down a bit.

    Once that is in place, I'm wagering most folks will simply download it, drop it on their iPod and away you go! At least that is MY plan (stupid work firewall).

    Oh, I mentioned this before, but I'm more than willing to help get this in place if you don't have any geek friends nearby. I have ample server space and unlimited bandwidth, which can serve it up to the masses. Just let me know.

    The CD idea is great for those on dialup or something else. Besides, I'm sure you're keeping a few CDs in your own time capsules for safe storage. 8^D

  9. I voted for full length.
    However you choose to share it, I'm looking forward to listening.

  10. Carl - WOW. I had no idea I was so behind the times!! It's definitely trending toward the direction of posting the full-length interview online.

    If you EVER get a chance to do StoryCorps, drop everything & jump on it. It was an amazing experience & I can't wait to share this with everyone.

    Sarah - I dig the continuity too. Even though it's a decent investment of time, it's really just not the same listening to it in smaller chunks.

    Blue & Di - Thanks for your input!! I think the overwhelming concensus is for online ... ;o)

    Sean - Whoa, brother!! You are speaking a language I don't understand at all. I think Christianne knows a little more about this than I do, but we may very well need to utilize your expertise for this. Thanks SO MUCH for offering. I know just enough about things computer & internet related to be a little dangerous, but really nothing beyond that. ;o)

    Bella - Thanks for your input! It's definitely looking like posting it online will win the day. We are SO looking forward to sharing it with you. ;o)

  11. WOW, IS RIGHT!! I e-mailed Kirsten this morning after only four votes had been cast and said it looked like it would probably trend in that direction, but wow, people! You are all so, so sweet. Thank you for loving us in this place, in our desire to love you by sharing our hearts and that intimate time together.

    Sean, I'm going to email you, brother, because I think you can do it RIGHT. Whereas I'd just be floundering and hoping, hoping, hoping. Talk to you soon.

    Love to all of you. I can't wait until this is up and running!

  12. WOW, friends!! All I can say is WOW!! I know I speak for both Christianne & myself when I say that we are honored & blessed by your responses. We've all got commitments & families & relationships and the fact that you are willing & desiring to share in this beautiful experience we shared blesses us to no end.

    Thank you.

  13. I say post a video online and have sock puppets act it out. Could seriously be a hit!


    (Love you guys. Can't wait to hear it!)

  14. Sock puppets. Brilliant 23.

    I voted for chunks but will go with the flow.

    Sock puppets. Hehe. or those bag puppets like they have on Fandango

  15. 23, Terri, & Dave [hereafter referred to as 'The Sillies']:

    You cuh-RACK me up. As if we'd use sock puppets.

    The beautiful & utterly brilliant Christianne has done even better than sock puppets.

    Prepare to have your sock puppets knocked off! ;o)

  16. Ever hear the song "You keep giving me promises,promises"?

    I think it was some 80's or 90's group called Lying Eyes or something like that.

    Anyway, let's cut to the chase, GOL

  17. Ever hear the saying, "good things come to those who wait"?


    It's coming, we just want it to be perfect!

  18. What fun. I'm going to go vote right now. :)

  19. Hmmmm. No "sock puppet" category to vote...Dave, Terri, maybe we should let them do paper puppets on a stick, but with a professional sound effects person!


  20. You people are gonna have your socks KNOCKED. OFF. At least, I hope so. Kirsten and I are in the final stages of finalizing things (and with Sean's -- Dillio's -- help, too!). Should be ready SHORTLY. PROMISE. And believe me when I say our solution should satisfy all votes cast, at least that is my deep hope.

  21. Did I miss the deadline? It's hard to tell since I am in a different part of the world, but just in case my vote will still be valid, I say, post the whole thing. I'd love to hear it and even if I have to pause it, it would be nice to listen to as much of it at once as I can.

    Can't wait!