08 February 2008

my muse

Without question, my adorable sister Kaari is my favorite muse when the camera is in my hands. Kaari likes to joke that it is simply that she is the most available (which is decidedly true since we live together), but honestly, she is just so stinking cute!! How could I not want to take pictures of her?

Earlier in the week, she was preparing Valentine's-themed cupcakes for the small group she leads through our church. I don't know what inspired us, but something about all that cake and cream cheese frosting, the overwhelming presence of pink and candy hearts was just begging to be photographed! Since I couldn't experience one of her tasty little cakes with my tongue, this was my way of thoroughly enjoying them.

And now you can too ...

see all the cupcake photos by kirsten.michelle


  1. A muse that makes cupcakes. Now that's one I didn't have on my muse list.

  2. We all need a muse to inspire us. And you are right, she is a good one to have.

  3. Mmmmm, Kirsten and Kaari, those look YUMMERS!!! And tres cute. How did you know that those candy conversation hearts are my favorite this time of year (even though it is like ingesting pure sugar into your system)?

    That picture with the frosting licking onto the pan made me feel like I was tasting the frosting in my mouth right then. Mmmmm. Now I'm licking my lips. Tasty. :)

    Very cute action and still photos, Kirst! You are such a whiz with that camera.

  4. nice. although i'm trying to stay away from sugar so this is a little, shall we say, challenging? i guess i'll go suck on some ice now...

  5. OK, you've made me hungry. Now I gotta go get sumpin to eat. Thanks.

  6. Laura - YES!! I find it makes a muse especially muse-worthy if she makes cupcakes. :o) Thanks for the link to the article.

    Carl - She is an especially good one. ;o)

    Christianne - Those looked & smelled so good (thank goodness blogs aren't scratch & sniff, right)!! It was difficult to not want to say "to heck with my food allergies" and take a bite out of one of those things. :o)

    Terri - Tell me about it. Eating these would have killed my poor gut. Gluten. Dairy. With my camera was the only way I could enjoy them. Is your tongue numb? ;o)

    Nate - Did you find a pink cupcake to eat?? ;o)

  7. Let me see...take off the candy hearts, give to neighbors Pitbull, and then...

    They look VERY tasty, actually!

    Your sister looks like Drew Barrymore!

  8. Kirsten, I found two burritos at my favorite Mexican restaurant. But they were out of the dessert I wanted.

  9. yum!! my favorite is the bowl of hearts...

  10. The only addiction I have (other than blogging) is sugar. WOE. I am in trouble. My sugar addiction is SO BAD that if I had to choose between sugar and blogging hmmm, ah come on now yall know that blogging would win. (I think) I got it bad.

    Rich Mullins said we all have to die sometime so we may as well go out eating something we love like cholesterol. Hmmm

    Kirsten, unlike Terri your blog did not inspire me to go suck on a piece of ice. It inspired me to take a trip to the bakery. Bad me. Bad me.

  11. ugh... this is making me super hungry... those cupcakes look awful tasty.
    ha.. your sister is a cutie isn't she? (:
    thanks for sharing the treats!

  12. 23 Degrees - Doesn't she look like Drew Barrymore? I'm probably embarassing her horribly by having this up, but I think she's just too cute.

    Nathan - Mmm. Burritos sound yummers. :o)

    Blue - Love your new profile pic. You're gorgeous!! I love the bowl of candy hearts too. So much color!!

    Tammy - You crack me up like nothing else. If we gotta go, it might as well be with a mouth covered in pink frosting, right? :o)

    Danny - Because of my food allergies, I'll have to take everyone else's word for it that those were as tasty as they looked. Mmm ...

    Yeah, sis is adorable. And unattached, can you believe it?!

  13. Yummy- i'm starving - now I want to go have sugar!

  14. How delictable - and I do mean both the cupcakes and Kaari! =)