04 February 2008

a very rocky start, or how i began to wonder if i'd make it to florida at all

By now, you all know that Christianne & I had a beautiful and wonderful time in Florida. So beautiful and wonderful that those words begin to lose all meaning. But what you don't yet know is how very hilarious and difficult the process of getting there actually was. Allow me to summarize ...

I spent the bulk on my day on January 28 doing laundry and sorting through summer clothes, giggling at the fact that I was packing flip-flops and short sleeves when there was snow outside my window and the little pond in my backyard was frozen over. More snow was predicted, but since the day was clear with scant bulbous white clouds (not even a little bit ominous-looking), I wasn't concerned, weather forecasting in this area of the country more closely resembling voodoo than actual meteorological science.

It was shortly after sunset that the first flakes began to fall. They grew increasingly large and fell thickly through the sky. It wasn't long before my driveway and street were covered in a thick blanket of white.


Now for a little background information: I live approximately one hundred miles away from the Seattle airport and had secured reservations with a shuttle service for a ride to the airport in Seattle. The bus left at 2 a.m., and I needed to be there at our local rinky-dink airport no later than 1:45 a.m. My sister would be taking me, but considering the increasingly treacherous road conditions, we needed to consider how we would get to said local rinky-dink airport without sliding quietly into a ditch.

I pulled the chains out of the trunk of my car (chains that had procured my salvation from an icy hill just a month or so before) and we set to work trying to put them on my front tires. Trying would be the operative word. These chains were hand-me-downs and even though my car drives on the smallest tires made (13"), the chains are somehow a tad too small but can be coaxed onto the tires when the appropriate amount of strength is exerted.

We tugged and we tweaked, we pulled and we grunted, we took turns laying down on my purple yoga mat on the dusty garage floor in a vain endeavor to find the best possible angle. Several times, we were within about one-half inch of the promised land. But after nearly an hour of pulling, tugging, and me starting to curse like a sailor (Kaari exhorting me to just step away from the chains and calm down), we still fell short.

This is where older, burlier, and most willing-hearted brothers come into play. Kaari and I are at a distinct advantage to have a brother who considers providing varying means of rescue for his sisters as part of the Big Brother Contract implicitly agreed upon at our respective births. When others were sliding backwards in attempts to make it up the icy hill to our street, Peder was able (with the advantage of all-wheel drive and new snow tires) to come to our rescue. He and Kaari managed to secure the chains on both tires and even took it for a test drive down our icy hill to ensure we'd be safe when we ventured out in the wee hours of the morning.


The chains secured, we all sat in our living room, simply enjoying one another's company for awhile, taking note of the size of the flakes falling outside. There was already a couple of inches on the ground after just a couple hours of snowfall. We opened the door and listened outside for the hush that inevitably befalls with the thickening layers of snow. Then at about 8 p.m., the house went went black. Our power was out. Of course.

I had just purchased a large package of candles the day before, so we set about setting them out and lighting them. We were hoping, of course, that power would be restored soon. Can you imagine getting ready in the morning by candlelight? That would be hilarious! I'm sure it will be restored before we leave at 1:30.

The adage famous last words was invented for such cavalier persons as myself.

Peder still being there, he helped us manually open our garage door so we could move my properly-chained up car outside. One less thing to concern ourselves with in the morning.

I made the decision to go to bed for what would amount to about a two-hour nap before I'd need to get up and make those last-minute prepartions so Kaari could drop me off at the shuttle. She and my roommate and I all took a few candles with us to our rooms, all of us laughing at how very Little House on the Prairie this all felt. All I was lacking was a bonnet for my hair and a long white nightgown with a lacy collar.

When I got upstairs, I set out a few tealights around my bathroom sink so I could see as I washed my face and brushed my teeth. As I spit out the foamy remnants of my teeth brushing, I leaned over the sink and slurped some of the running water so I could rinse. Now, what is that pungent smell? What is that crackling noise?

That would be my hair on fire. Of course.

I frantically batted my head and looked in the mirror to ensure the flames on my head had been squelched, hoping this incident would not become a cautionary tale against lighting candles in the bathroom and placing them in such close proximity to the sink when getting ready for bed. It was a matter of seconds before the whole upstairs began to reek of my burned locks. I looked to the sink and saw a rather interesting mix of discarded toothpaste and small chunks of my singed hair.

Good gravy.

The alarm went off at midnight and despite the hour, it was surprisingly light out as the moonlight reflected off the thick shroud of white outside. I expectantly reached over to the lamp on my nightstand to flip the switch. Nothing. It appeared as though I'd be putting the finishing touches on my packing by candlelight.

I went to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth again, placing the candles as far away from the sink as possible, desperately wishing not to repeat the attempt to see how my hair might double as a torch. I got ready as though in a fog, and even with the candlelight, couldn't see much of what I was actually taking with me. Reasoning that Florida would no doubt possess what I may have forgotten, I decided not to worry myself over it.

I lugged my bags downstairs and thanked Kaari again as she lumbered upstairs from her room, the hood of her sweatshirt pulled tightly around her face. She warmed up the car and we took my bags out. There was at least five inches of snow on the ground.

We made it to the shuttle without further incident. My little car lumbered up and down the snowy, ice-packed streets without incident and I was deposited safely at the curbside where the shuttle would pick me up to take me to the airport in Seattle.

Sigh. Thank God.

Once the shuttle was safely underway, blazing down the decidedly bare freeway, I got a text message on my phone from Kaari. It was 2 a.m. She had arrived safely home and the power was back on.

Of course.

And that, my friends, is the crazy grand adventure of how I got to the airport in the first place.


  1. Kirsten, I'm laughing so hard at this, mostly because it reminds me of "how i began to wonder if Dave and I would make it back from Catalina yesterday" which is a similar, yet very, very different, story.

    I'm glad you got to the airport!

  2. I LOVE IT!!!!

    Ohhh, this story is so much more hilarious in writing than in the telling of it I got when you arrived. Seriously. Hilarious. I love that you wrote this down. I felt like I was along for the surprising ride that was every minute of this crazy adventure in the night. :)

  3. Hey, sounds like par for the course in Minnesota. Singed hair. I love it. I'm constantly using the expression, "running away as though my hair was on fire" and now I'll always think of you when I say it. :)

    By the way, I've done the same thing in Haiti...no electricity...doing everything by candlelight when we really have no experience with that...it's inevitable.

  4. "But nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight --
    Got to kick at the darkness 'til it bleeds daylight." (Bruce Cockburn)

    Wow, what a time, Kristen! Fun to hear the behind the scenes details.

    So glad you both made time to spend together. Your friendship is beautiful to witness.

  5. Maybe that is why I do not have any hair..hmmm, probably not.

    What a great story. You will tell it to the grandkids someday and think back on it fondly. We all have great stories to tell. Funny how a lot of them seem to center around the airport.

  6. Sarah - Oh, dear!! Now that is a story I would love to hear. It is something indeed to get somewhere, but as well all know ... sometimes the getting there can be more than a little interesting!

    Christianne - I think I was inspired this afternoon. ;o) As I contemplated the 12 hours prior to my departure for Florida, I realized how deeply hilarious & action-packed they really were. It was funny for me to form and offer this re-telling.

    Terri - So glad to hear that you will think of me with the "hair on fire" adage. I am living reality of that. I don't think I've ever been so eager to slap myself on the head. My poor hair. At least you can't tell. I've got enough of the stuff that it's not noticeable. ;o)

    23 Degrees - Thank you! The leaving for this trip did indeed come with a fight. And in retrospect, it is very funny indeed.

    Carl - Things like these are always funny in retrospect. At the time, I really did have a sinking feeling that I might not make it to my plane at all. I guess the toil made me appreciate my time with Christianne all the more!! ;o)

  7. It's weird to comment on a story I was so much involved in, but oh well I will do it anyway. I think there could have been so many other disasters, but it all fell into place quite nicely in the end. But you got to love stories like that...when all the elements are against you, you still manage to get through. Snow, small set of chains, icy hill, power outage, singed hair, late night nap, and still manage to arrive in time. Quite pricless and memorable!

  8. He he he, Kaari!! I was wondering if you'd find it at all accurate in the retelling. Glad to hear that you can remember it & laugh now too ... especially since it was my hair that was on fire!! ;o)

  9. great story Kirsten, way to resist the resistance and keep your head about you, singed and all...hmmm is there a "no shorts" sequel?

  10. Oh, I meant to mention that the setup for this post reminded me so much of the story of getting to our wedding. That was quite the crazy story. And I remember that we landed upon the idea that a force was working against us in some ways, trying to steal the joy of such a joyous, God-filled union. I can't help but wonder if some of that was in play here, given what we know of how God showed up in our visit.

    Oh, and I also meant to comment on the 2-hour nap. It was quite understated in the post, but people, you have to know that Kirsten traveled ALL FREAKIN' DAY to get to Florida and was positively WIPED OUT by the time I found her in the airport terminal. I'm amazed she had it in her to stay up for yummy yummy sushi and good conversation, and even a quick drive around Winter Park that evening! But oh yeah, she slept like the dead that night. And she deserved to! :)

    PS: That line about never having been so willing to slap yourself on the head made me laugh. Perceptive wit you have, my dear. And I can certainly testify to its not even showing in the slightest. You've got one shock of gorgeous, gorgeous hair, girlie. Love it!

    PPS: That reminded me, I just got back from the grocery store (my third trip in 24 hours -- given the new food plan Kirk and I are trying) and this time picked up the 3-minute miracle conditioner you have. Can't wait to try it! Oh, and I also decided to switch to mousse from gel this time, so we'll see how that plays out. It's been years since I used mousse instead of gel. :)

  11. Awesome story!

    ummm... hi! I'm danny... terri's youngest... (:

    i wanted to let you know that of all the people that comment on my mom's blog...

    you and christianne are my favorites.. ha... i feel like i kind of know you two!

  12. Wow that was hilarious! As I'm reading it I could just see you frantically trying to put out the flames on your noggin.

    I didn't know you were such a hot-head (sorry everyone, I couldn't resist)

  13. Oh, and Danny, we treat all bloggers with the same love and appreciation.

    Your mom and I raised you to not be prejudiced. (they're my favorites too, but don't tell everyone!)

  14. Hey, one of my kidlets found you! You'll like him. Here's one little story about him that will let you know why...

    About four years ago Danny was visiting a friend of his at a YWAM base and she kept introducing him like this: "This is my friend Danny. He plays the guitar and leads worship." Danny kept saying, "Pearl, what are you talking about? I don't play the guitar." And she would reply, "Yes you do...you sound just like Jars of Clay." So anyway, at the end of the day she said, "Danny, I'm supposed to pray for you that he would release this gift in you." So she prayed for him and he went home and picked up his friend's guitar and KNEW HOW TO PLAY. For me, this story not only illustrates how weird God is, but also the faith my kid has. I would have just gone home and thought to myself, "Pearl is whacked." :)

  15. Hi Danny! I'm glad you're getting around the blogosphere. You should start your own blog. You know we'd all come and gangbuster the door down and just make ourselves at home.

    And hey, I have a question. What does it mean to say that your occupation is "creative arts resident"? That sounds really cool, like something me and my hub would want to learn more about, and maybe be, too! :)

    Dave, your comment about treating all bloggers without equivocation cracked me up!

    And I loved that story, Terri! It blew me away. I was thinking Danny was just messing with Pearl when he was saying he didn't play guitar. I didn't realize he actually DIDN'T. Or maybe the point is that he DID. Without knowing it. So, so cool. Wow. I think Pearl must have the spiritual gift of prophecy.

  16. Um, and I didn't meant to hijack Kirsten's blog comment space, seriously. I just couldn't help myself from responding to all three of you in a row! I will now pave the way for our host, the beautiful Kirsten girl, to resume the throne of this space. :)

  17. Hi Di!! - Thanks. It is pretty funny in retrospect and even at the time, we were all getting a kick out of it, but there were moments of ... "um, are my good plans getting hijacked here?" :o)

    Christianne - Yeah, you & Kirk had quite the obstacle course to get through just to get married! I love that story; I've gone back & read it a couple of times, for its sheer hilarity and that in spite of the obstacles, you two still had a beautiful & very special wedding day!

    I wondered too if the enemy might have been afoot in all of this ... I began to feel at times as if my impending joy was being stolen before I even got to experience it ... but God's plans triumphed, didn't they!

    OH, girl. Your trip to the grocery store sounded positively daunting. From the insane amount of planning to finding all those obscure ingredients. I'm glad you lived to tell about it!

    And you'll have to let me know how the conditioner & mousse treat your hair. Us curly-tops need to stick together!!

    Danny!! Hi, thanks for stopping by. I totally love your profile pic and am really stoked that you stopped by. I totally feel like I'm a part of your family already, too and I haven't actually met any of you. Weird. It doesn't happen often that I find such instant kinship with people I meet in the blogging world.

    Thanks, too for your sweet comment. Both Christianne & I ADORE your mom and know she's something rather spectacular. And we only know her through blogging, so I can imagine the real-life experience is that much better. :o)

    I'm with Christianne, you should totally start a blog of your own (you totally have time for that, right?). :o) We would definitely love that.

    Dave - you cuh-RACK me up!! Yep, a hot head, locks all ablaze. That was the pinnacle of that 8-9 hour period. :o)

    And you guys are making me go all mushy. I'm totally checking to see about a plane ticket to MN once the temperatures get to a happier place!

    Oh my goodness, Terri - that story gave me chills!! Thanks for sharing it. Freaky how God works sometimes, isn't it?! And that's amazing that Pearl had faith big enough to pray that & declare it, & that Danny totally had the faith that God was big enough & zany enough to answer that prayer. WOW.

    Yeah, I just love your whole family. I'm coming to visit, I just don't know when yet.

    Welcome to Kirsten's nationwide blogging tour!! :o)

    Christianne, you are too, too CUTE!!! You know I am happy to share said "throne space" with you! We are in agreement on Danny needing to start a blog & on Dave being utterly hilarious.

  18. G'day from Australia,

    I came here from Christianne's site and chuckled all he way thru this post.

    You have a lovely writing style.

    And yes, everyone needs an older, burlier, and most willing-hearted brother. I've got three. I know these things.

    Here in Oz it's summer. No snow chains needed!

  19. why would i need to start my own blog when clearly i've already taken your captive!

    ha... a thousand apologies kirsten! I guess mi blogga es su blogga.

    leave it up to my mom to bust out the coolest thing that's EVER happened to me!!! sheesh... now if i start a blog my thunder is completely STOLEN!

    i love you mom. quit giving me that look.

    ha... no, i'm glad you and christianne enjoyed that story... God certainly showed me a lot through learning to play guitar... it's such a great testimony to God's goodness and mercy and POWER! and i get to share it everywhere i go! every time i lead worship... before i start i get to say, "this isn't me. this is God in me."

    you are cool. welcome to the fam.

  20. Seriously, there is so much silliness but lovinghearted sincerity going on here, I barely can contain myself! You should see me over here, sitting at my computer in the front room (which echoes because of wood floors) and Kirk in the bedroom napping with the doors open, the laughter escaping out of me at constant intervals so that I'm afraid I'll wake up the hub!

    Kirsten's nationwide blogging tour. Heh. That sounds about right, doesn't it?

    Funny you mention MN . . . I was just thinking about 15 minutes ago as I was walking around my house that I would love a WA, MN, FL reunion real soon!! Can you imagine you, me, and Terri driving around in a car together, talking so fast and laughing so much that we can barely see through the streaming tears to keep on the road? (Tears from laughter, of course, though I'm sure there would be tears of the other kind, too!)

    Danny, you are so the big brother of this space. Nuthin' you can do about it, brutha!

  21. teehee...i dig my kid so much! and since he ignored your question chrisianne (rude!) i'll tell you about his job. he is in charge of creating video and visual arts stuff for the youth at our church and also works with putting together worship bands and such. at least that's how i understand it. he can correct me if i got it wrong.

    sorry i stole your thunder danny...mom mouth.

    and the get-together? just say when and where. i'm all over it. i really think you guys should come here since you'd want to meet my family that you've been adopted into. (duh)

  22. what a story.
    I was laughing out loud, though only in that thank god it wasn't me kind of way. :)
    glad you got there safe and sound.

  23. WOW!! Look at all these lovely comments. I love how this comment space can sometimes turn into a virtual conversation. So, so fun!! :o)

    Welcome, David!! I am jealous that you are in the midst of summer! The snow is now gone & we are looking at all sorts of sideways rain. But I have to say, I'll take it over snow any day.

    I was just looking at your profile: wow!! Lived & educated in India & now living in Australia. I admit that while not having traveled greatly, those are two places I have a deep desire to visit. India has fascinated me since I was in high school & Australia ... well, do I need to explain? I just want to go!

    Thanks so much for stopping by & I look forward to visiting with you more in the future!

    Danny - Thanks for the welcome!! I'm totally coming to MN, you can count on it. I will gladly be your adopted sis (in my opinion, all brothers should be so lucky!!). :o)

    And yeah, feel free to hijack this blog any ol' time. I love it when conversation & humor spring up in this space and I love it when folks start connecting, laughing, & relating.

    Yeah, that story is AWESOME!! I told my Mom about that today & I think her jaw got bruised when it hit the floor. That is crazy cool & definitely a testimony of how God lives totally outside our own rules & paradigms.

    But yeah, you totally still need to start your own blog, dude. ;o)

    Christianne - you know what we should do?? Go visit MN at the same time, both take over Terri's house at the same time. Can you imagine the laughs & the tears (mostly from too much laughter) that could transpire?! I'm feeling inspired, sister. Do you think it could happen?

    I, too, just LOVE it to no end when conversation just springs forth in this space (or in anyone else's, which has happened a few times before) and it gives me such warm fuzzies. That's good since it's blowing & raining like cuh-RAZY out there right now. Yikes.

    Let me know what you think about the tandem visit to MN ... I'm totally going to rack up the frequent flier miles!! ;o)

    Wow, Terri! - Danny's job sounds so cool. It must bless you to no end as his mother to be witness to your kid being so blessed by God. And talk about a miracle. HELLO!!! And I don't even know about Joey yet. I'm SURE there are stories there, too. That's so amazing.

    I would SO love to come to MN. We visiting Minneapolis/St Paul when I was a kid a couple times, & I remember loving the city & the area even then. I totally need to meet these adopted brothers of mine!! And yeah ... if you & Christianne & I could all swing it at once ... how cool would that be?!

    I actually priced plane tickets today ... for late spring/early summer (May/June-ish). NOT. BAD. AT. ALL. I'm all over it. ;o) Yeah, I totally want to hang with this whole new adopted family of mine. You guys are da coolest!!

    Bella - you crack me up, mainly because as i go back & reread it, i know i would feel the same if that were happening to someone else. i'm so very glad the good prevailed & i made it there. ;o)

  24. P.S. Anyone else think that "thumbs up" photo looks just a *little bit* psycho? Cuz that's how I was feeling when I took it. I think it's coming through ... ;o)

  25. Kirsten, I never think you look psycho. Just cuteness all the freakin' day long. Wahoo! Love ya, girlie. :)

    But you do look like you might be a teensie bit tired in that one. I'm guessing it's, um, because you were.

    So, yes, I'm totally loving the tandem visit to MN. Except a little birdie told me that Terri might actually be in Florida sometime soon, so you know what that means? It means you are due south, girl.

    I loved what Terri said about us needing to visit MN because we've been adopted into her whole family by now (duh -- loved the duh part, Terri). I burst out laughing at the duh and had to relay the story to Kirkum. He got kinda confused by all the names and family connections I was throwing around and landed up thinking I was talking about Kirsten's sister somehow. But I set him straight. :)

    I guess the main question for me right now is the fundage. I'm not really in a position to make too many advance plans that include airline tickets, which kills me because it means I can't plan a trip to Washington right now, either. Grr! But here's to God's perfect timing on all things and to knowing (or at least banking on) it won't be this way forever.

    Oh, and Terri -- Danny came and shared the story of his job over on my blog. Just wanted to say that so you wouldn't send him to his room for being rude to others. I mean, his sister.

  26. i'm seriously whacked out blessed by both my kids and my husband. and we would all love it if you guys came for a visit. THAT would be a blast. i totally hear you about the airfare christianne. really the best time to come is in the fall when the leaves are turning. could you save up for it by then?

    i'm going to haiti sometime in late march or early april and i always connect in miami so i emailed christianne about the possibility of meeting sometime at the beginning or end of that trip. it's still way up in the air, but i end up in florida usually once or so a year (this year that would be twice!) wouldn't that be cool? duh! (oh, and kirk really needs to start reading these blogs if he wants to understand what's bouncing around in your head christianne. tell him MY husband does...guys sometimes jump in if they think it's competition.) :)

    so, let's keep bouncing it around. no hurry...no need to put everyone's pocketbook out of joint.
    but seriously, you shouldn't keep your brothers waiting too long. ;)

    and kirsten...i LOVED the thumbs up photo. just a glint of madness. that's the way i like it.

    oh, and i downloaded the weepies you two...sweet!

  27. ok... you both totally have to come visit now!!! all this talking about it has gotten me all freakin' excited! I always wanted a couple of sisters! Ha...

    i think you look fabulous in the thumbs up photo! don't let anyone tell you different!... including yourself.

  28. SIGH. I seriously want to find a way where I can support myself financially by blogging all the livelong day & then by visiting (um, "interviewing" ...??) my blogging community in person. My job is seriously cutting into my blogging time.

    Another trip south, huh? I think I can handle it. If you check the weather forecast for Bellingham, WA, I think you'll find we're due to be underwater by Friday. Rain, rain, rain & guess what ... a little more rain after that? It definitely makes me itch for that warmer, sunnier weather. Months of this is enough to put a cheerful spirit in the doldrums.

    Yeah, I'm totally up with visiting the whole family in MN. I do like it there (from what I can remember...), plus my new adopted family is.

    "Glint of madness". Yes, that is accurate. Brought on my sleep deprivation. Even if it is a wee bit psycho, it makes me laugh.

    Danny - I would be on the next plane there if I could swing it, bro. You are about the sweetest guy ever (with some cool stories, I hear). Come heck or high water ... I'll get there. :o)

    Love to you (all).
    Now I'm off to that [great] job that cuts into my blogging time,
    -k ;o)

  29. Hey, I was just revisiting your blog, Terri, to get another visual and literary breakdown on which of your sons was which . . . and I finally put together that Danny is the one in your story who had the difficult delivery, and he's also the one in your story here about the guitar playing. WOW! You know what that says . . . that God has major plans for this boy's life. Gives me the goosebumps, it's so amazing. Wow.

    And to think, he's my brother! :)

  30. hey.... looks like i'm missing out on all the fun over here! i loved the story kirsten. murphy's law, huh? but seems like you are a 'go with the flow' kind of gal, like me. :) i've almost come to expect diversions like this with any big plans i make.

    great storytelling....

  31. This reminds me of when I was leaving for Wenatchee one time and somehow set my hair on fire with my hair dryer - okay, it wasn't actually on fire, but a big chunk of it got singged off - oops. That was when i started parting my hair on the other side to cover up the fact that I had a chunk of hair that was only 2 inches long.

  32. Christianne - Yeah, that Danny story is pretty amazing. As you said, God definitely has purpose & plans for him! And how amazing to think he's part of our family!!

    Blue - It was pretty hilarious, even in the midst of all the chaos coming down around me ... I knew it would be one of those things that would be even funnier in retrospect & in the retelling. :o)

    Ilse - YIKES!! That doesn't sound good, but if it helped you discover a new style, that's something! It brings to mind an instance where my own hairdryer was on its last legs & literally went out in a blaze of glory. Luckily, my hair escaped.

  33. OK, if you are going anywhere you need to come to Colorado. It is warmer the MN I guarantee it.

    Ohh, and I have been to India. I will tell you all about it, if you come to Colorado!

    Hope you are having a great day!

  34. Oh yeah Carl? Put up your dukes man! I've been scuba diving on the great barrier reef in Australia so I can tell her all about that. So there! Maybe you'll have to visit mn too. :) We'll make it the great blogging summit.

  35. I have never been to MN... Tony Jones hangs out up there... maybe a summit of bloggers is in order.

    Lets make it the summer though!


  36. Now, now children! Don't make me pull this car over!! ;o)

    I would seriously love to have a blogging summit. I think that would be some crazy kind of heaven on earth, don't you? I can only imagine how awesome it would be to have us all in the same room, over a shared meal (can we get that gluten & dairy-free, please?), laughing & talking all night long.

    Sigh. Maybe God has some crazy plans up His sleeve for such a thing.

    I sure hope so!!

  37. I have officially let Kirk in on the news of the Blogging Summit. He seemed particularly keen to be included in the Colorado plans. Mmmm, snowballs and fireplaces and warm food and lots of laughter and great stories and intimate prayer. What could be better, people?!

  38. I've been looking at places in CO online ... looks like there are some beautiful (& surprisingly afforadble) sites. I bet Carl will love the fact that our hearts are leaning toward Colorado!! ;o)

    I submit this dream of ours to God Almighty, that He will bring it about if & when He wills, and that He will provide the means to make it possible for everyone who has a desire to come.

    Please, Lord Jesus!!

  39. I really do love Colorado, but I'll just let you know that we definitely wouldn't be able to afford my husband and kids tagging along, so there's that to consider. Can't you just hear your brothers weeping and gnashing their teeth? Then again, you did just pray about it, so I suppose I shouldn't be limiting God in this way. :)

  40. Nah, we won't limit God ... but in my mind, Dave & my adopted bros must absolutely be there. I'm not at all opposed to holding our blogging summit in Minnesota so long as it is at a time of year that doesn't require me to wear 14 layers of clothing!! ;o)

  41. Ohh I love all this scheming. A summit of bloggers, maybe in my back yard... that would just be a blast.

    Who knows but God... we shall see!

  42. I'll put my kingdom chips on MN August 2009 or thereabouts... that's definitely flip-flops and close to nothing else weather in MN! If y'all can wait that long? Maybe it'll have to be an annual reunion?

  43. what about west virginia? most of us do still have all our teeth.... i promise!! it's kind of in the middle....

  44. Carl - Wouldn't that be awesome!? I've never been to CO but from what I can see from pics online (and pics from a girlfriend who lives there) it looks like it has a varied & stunning landscape. I'd be in, but I'm good with MN too.

    Di - 2009 is so far away!! Maybe we can make it an annual thing; I have a feeling that after doing it once, that isn't going to be enough. I love that we're all dreaming in this direction. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!

    Blue - Ooh, I like the idea of WV too. Though if we think this could turn into an annual thing, we should try it once in everyone's home area. That would be cool.

    SIGH. I wish we could do this right NOW, you all. I have some kidn of crazy love for you & would love it if God has plans for us in this direction too.

    We'll all be praying, I'm sure ... ;o)

    And seriously ... one of these days, you all are going to need to come to Washington. I'll fix you all a great gluten- & dairy-free meal at my house!! :o)

  45. Di! What the . . . Mn in Aug? Are you kidding me? Just think hot and humid with lots of mosquitos.

    Now if it were in June . . . ahhh perfect.

    Me thinks a rotation is in order here

  46. PR man YOU'RE FIRED! with June comes last days of school, grad parties, weddings...always something or another. But mosquitos. oh snap. If you're not as sweet as Dave and spray some deet, no worries.

  47. Washington just so happens to be GORGEOUS in August. Not that we need anymore ideas for a locale. But if we're thinking August, the Evergreen State is LOVER-LY!!!!

  48. You had me in stitches. I wish that I could say that I didn't know what burnt hair smells like but....