23 April 2008

clear blue skies

Though the calendar says it's spring, that belief might be challenged were you to visit the Pacific Northwest right now. We've been experiencing all manner of unusual weather here: over the course of the day yesterday, it was overcast but dry in the morning, raining and hailing in the early afternoon, and the sun was shining boldly through a clear sky by the late afternoon.

And this morning before my icy car had a chance to warm and before the sun had a chance to drown out the dark shades of night, I passed the grocery store whose digital display told me it was just 26 degrees.

All I can say is that it better be a fabulous summer! In the meantime, I am rather enjoying these clear blue skies and coming up with creative & delicious ways to keep warm.

barn photo & moonrise photo by kirsten.michelle


  1. Huh, what? Oh...sorry, thought you said,"23 degrees"


  2. There's that moon you were telling me about! I bet the picture doesn't even do it justice. You can have your rain back now, we're done with it. Be blessed!!!

  3. gorgeous photos, kirsten! the barn one is very creative -- great contrast of the rugged red with the crisp blue sky -- and the one with the moon hanging over it is just filled with quiet and calm.

    sorry to hear about the crazy weather. what can i say but that it sounds CRAZY?!

  4. Yeah - basically it was FREEZING this weekend in wenatchee - but the weekend was great none the less. Hope all is well, and you can get warm.

  5. Yeah, we have it too... I was totally fooled by the 80 degree weather we've been having.
    I don't envy your 26 degrees... we're not so much cold as we are wet. I agree that this summer better be a good one.

  6. Kirsten, you've got to start talking nicely about northern hemisphere weather. I don't want to start getting apprehensive about my decision ;)

  7. I could stare at that second picture all day.
    Maybe I will today.

  8. 23 degrees - maybe i read the display wrong; after all, i wasn't wearing my glasses. good to see you back!

    caleb - that photo seriously does not do that moon justice!! and really, you could have kept the rain a *little* longer!!

    christianne - i love that barn photo!! the sun was so bright i couldn't really see what i was taking a picture of, but it turned out pretty well. and that glorious moon ... WOW, wish you could have seen that in person, my friend!!

    ilse - it is a little bit cold around here these days, isn't it!? glad to hear you had a good time in wenatchee with brian. i am so ready for summer!!

    jessica - this is just a bit too cold for my tastes, too. looking forward to sunshine & about 80-85 degrees. sounds heavenly!!

    dean - so you are moving north?!!? how exciting!! and bellingham has an odd climate (we like to say: if you don't like the weather, wait five minute) because we get the cold air from alaska & the warm air from mexico/california. add to that the fact that we're right on the coast to the west & are bumped up against a mountain range to the east. makes for some weird weather. ;o)

    heather - i love the idea of just holding that moment still: hanging out in the quiet of the morning, staying awhile in where it's no longer night, but not quite day.

  9. how I long for a real spring...a cold spring...i'm sure you don't, but i SO do ;)

  10. Oh, the moon! I tried to capture it looking like that when I was at Calvin. No dice. (I may post the blobby picture I actually got; we'll see.) But this.. you got it's lemon yellow loveliness and the sky looking blue like the sea. Just as I remember it.

  11. it has been crazy!!! i agree.
    and today was very very blustry!

    good shots
    i love barns
    and full moons!

  12. Hi K;

    i hate to just talk about the weather but it has such a profound affect on our psyche, doesn't it?

    When it's sunny and warm everybody's happy and when it's cold, dark and rainy it's tough to pull the 'ol smile on. (by the way it's supposed to rain all day today with wind and a high of 45 with falling temps. YUCK!)

    oh well. God is good all the time and all the time God is good1

    Talk to ya soon.

    Blessings . . .

  13. I just have to say that if your body were completely "well", you might not slow down long enough to observe and photograph these WONDERFUL sights!

    Thank you for sharing them.