25 April 2008

happy weepies!!

I'm a happy girl.

Not only is it Friday, but I am in possession of the new Weepies album. Click on the album art to go to their website and hear what has me humming, smiling, and bobbing my head from side to side a little.


  1. you are so happy you are weeping over the weepies!!

    Good pick. Have a good weekend.

  2. hooray! this is good news, indeed. :)

  3. I hadn't heard of the weepies before, but I am lovin' their sound! Thanks for introducing me to them. I may have to find that "buy" button on iTunes once more.

  4. ooooh...thanks for the heads-up. downloading as i type...

  5. carl - i am one happy girl listening to these tunes, i have to tell you!

    christianne - i love this album!! i hope it makes you happy, too. ;o)

    heather - i'm glad to hear you enjoyed their tunes. it's always fun to find new tunes to enjoy!

    terri - glad you enjoyed them too. when the music is this good, it just begs to be shared.

  6. I heard The Weepies earlier this month for the first time. I was driving through Ireland with my brother-in-law and he put this album in his CD player - great music.

    I like your blog - weepies, pictures of attractive weeds, and trips to Ireland are right up my alley.