21 June 2008

i heart summer!!

No offense to the Christmas season, but I do believe this is the most wonderful time of the year.

kaari soaks up some sun

I'll be posting part 3 of the this unnatural fog series soon, but wanted to share some yummy summer goodness first. :o)

Happy first week of summer!!

all summer-y photos by kirsten.michelle


  1. mmm . . . nice!!

    summer, on the other hand, here in florida? well, we get crackling peals of lightning and thunder and heavy rain almost every single day. but, you know how i feel about rain . . . i'm in heaven! :)

    those pictures are gorgeous, girl, just like you! i particularly love the white daisies. and you on the grass makes me go, 'ahhhhh . . . relaxed in the sun!'

  2. Love the daisies photo.... strong! bold! alive! looking up at the blue sky! saying: here i am. this is me. alive with possibilities! xx

  3. summer is a good time. a time that I soaked in Maine when growing up and a time to get away from the hell experienced at school from bullies.

    Yet, the heat and rain I can do without. except the smell and aroma of a fresh rain is super.

    you do indeed look rested and at peace in the photo on the grass.

    be blessed. scott

  4. so pretty! it's over 100 here today, so all the flowers are dying...sad. I'll just look at yours and be happy. And to think, in August when it's even hotter here, I'll be up there with you...*sigh*

  5. i believe i agree with you...
    so beautiful. the flowers. the blue sky. the grass beneath the body you are coming to peace with. you. so peaceful. very beautious.

    that gorgeous girl sacked out in the grass is kaari. i was the one doing the pointing & shooting. ;o)

    christianne - if it's raining, i know you're loving it there!! i think it's a glorious season. and yeah ... i love it when i get a chance to sack out in the grass!!

    peri - hi!! good to see you around here. :o) i am partial to the daisies myself. and that blue sky was the perfect backdrop.

    scott - summer is my favorite time.

    sarah - over 100. geesh!! that's HOT!! summers around here really don't get quite that hot around here. generaly around low to mid-80s. i'm putting in my request now for the perfect weather when you're here!! (59 days & counting!!)

    di - glad you agree!! this is a beautiful place to be in the summers. and this body ... yes, i think we are starting to come to terms.

  7. summer is the best!

  8. *big deep breath*

    so lovely...makes me wanna be there.

  9. Our summer is finally beginning to show itself. I am not sure, but I think that until the last few days, it has rained everyday since July 2004 (I made that up...)

    But Washington would not be the place it is if not for the rain.

    Enjoyed the pics.

  10. Beautiful.

    I especially like the daisy image.

    Do you know the Switchfoot song, called, Daisy? http://www.last.fm/music/Switchfoot/_/Daisy

    Love it.

  11. nancy - i totally agree with you ... summer is the best!!

    terri - you are welcome any time, sister. i hope you know that!!

    csi - thanks for stopping by!! you're from around here, so you know what i mean, right?!

    23 degrees - i just can't get enough of them daisies!!

    i'm not familiar with that switchfoot song, but i'll have to check it out. thanks for the recommendation!!

  12. oh how I adore summer.
    I am a Leo, an August baby, a lover of heat and warmth and flowers and farmers markets and those lazy evenings when it stays light until night and you can hear crickets and watch fire flies.
    These pictures are lovely!

  13. Those pics are gorgeous and just right for the weather I'm enjoying. Now if I could just have my family with me we could all be enjoying summer at the same time!!!

  14. bella - i'm a capricorn, but i love all those things you listed: the sun, the heat (within reason, of course ... i don't want to melt!!), fresh produce, farmer's markets, crickets, fireflies ... makes me want to hold on tight & not let go.

    dean - SO GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU!!! i hope lorna & the kids will be able to join you soon. must be difficult to be separated by such a distance.

  15. ksissy... it's too freakin' hot!!!! ha... but you're right... summer is lovely.

    i miss you!!!! :)

  16. danny - i miss you too!! it's supposed to be in the low 80s here this weekend. hooray!! summer passed us over last year, so i'm ready for some sun & a lil bit o' heat.

    hope things are going well at the house!! :o)