19 August 2008

one more sleep!!

I've got one more sleep until my girls get here ...

... and I've got my party {hat} on!!

Dearest Christianne, Christin, and Sarah ... I'll see you tomorrow!!


Note to my lovely travelers:
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  1. Woot woot!!

    Who IS that lovely lady in the photograph? I definitely have to meet up with HER. Hmmm . . . how does tomorrow work for you?? :)

    You are so cute about your sleep countdowns.

    I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE IT'S HERE!!! Tomorrow, girls. Tomorrow.

    PS: To testify to the amazingness of this, I was just looking back at a post from June last night, on which you commented at the end, "Only 75 more days!!" Wow. From 75 to 1. We're here!

  2. Whoo-hoo!!!

    Let's get this party started *whoomp whoomp*

  3. so excited that you get to see your friends - what a lucky lady you are!

  4. Sarah, you are hilarious and adorable. I'm pretty sure you're gonna get us grooving with your *whoomp whoomp* -- and I'm totally up for it!

  5. christianne - i'm "woot-woot"ing too!! i'm totally bouncing up & down in anticipation.

    it was once 75 days out?! whoa, nelly!! and now it's HERE!!

    sarah - i'm totally down with a little whoomp-whoomp action, too. we'll be partying, that's for darn sure!!

    ilse - i'm SUCH a blessed girl, i can't even begin to describe how excited i am.


  6. Well how fun for you gals! Have fun partying the days away!

    Come by when you get a minute and check something out...I thought it was really cool and wanted to share! Part I & II!

  7. lifting my head up from my relentlessly focused work to say:


    although, i'm really happy for all of you. be blessed my friends...