19 December 2008

coming up for air

Apparently, it takes a snow day for me to be able to write a blog post!! Like many areas of the country, we're experiencing some severe winter weather. We got 8 inches of snow yesterday and for today that means that I'm still in my pajamas, have played several solo rounds of PathWords of Facebook (so addicting!!), washed the dishes, and also did some laundry. There are thick sheets of ice where a driveway and a road used to be, and we are in no hurry to test the limits of my roommate's all-wheel-drive vehicle.

Transition time at work is starting to draw to a close and I am so thankful for that! Since I arrived here a month ago, I've not had a work day that was shorter than eleven hours. As for me and my house, we've been doing our best to break down cardboard, get settled in and set up, as well as navigate our way around this new place, discovering where we can find some good sushi or the best pho in town.

And speaking of new places, I have to say that I'm really digging this one. It's been amazing to see how those things I was concerned about leaving behind have also been provided for in this new place. From a mountain view to a good chiropractor, the Lord has provided for every thing I knew I was going to miss.

Last weekend, we took a walk around our new town and were utterly taken in by its charm. I hope you will be, too!

vintage shell station




front st. // issaquah

red berries



issaquah creek


snowy hills


  1. I'm so glad you're settling in so well. Bummer about the long days, though...that sucks! I love how God is caring for your heart and your soul in all of this transition stuff. May you continue to make your home there. Love you!

  2. Charming, indeed! Glad life is slowing, giving you a chance to notice your surroundings and begin to find yourself ... at home.

  3. Oh, how I love your photographs. It was fun to see them again here with the commentary. And I'm so glad to hear how things are feeling for you in Samammish (did I spell that right this time??). Sounds like it's becoming a new home for you, truly.

    So sorry about work being so long and hard these past few weeks. I'm glad it's slowing down to a saner pace for you.

    And I'm thrilled you get some time at home to just be . . . chill . . . breathe . . . settle.

    Love you.

  4. You have an amazing eye for beauty. I'm charmed vicariously with your new home.

  5. Those pictures are gorgeous, Kirsten! I'm glad the snow day allowed you some time to check in with us. ;) Have a merry Christmas!!!

  6. looks good :-)

    keep warm!

  7. Hey Kirsten
    Been popping in on you here and there, I watched the video of your new place. These photos are really good. I really like that place, it almost seems like some quiet little towns around here. Beautiful.

    Oh, I guess I should say Merry Christmas.