07 December 2008

remember me??

Hi friends! I am still here.

I decided to come up for a bit of air and let everyone know that I did not get lost in a cardboard maze, nor am I wandering and confused in a tangle of freeways. In fact, thanks to the help of my rather amazing family, the boxes have been tamed (photographic evidence to the right).

Anna and I are mostly settled and working long days as the transition in our department that inspired this move draws near to its culmination. We both love our new environs and starting to feel more at home in this place. The next to weeks promise to offer more of the same long days and busy-ness as I fulfill my role in preparing our team for this transition process.

If I don't get a chance to tell you, please accept my wishes for a safe, warm, and happy Christmas. And I promise I'll be back soon!!


  1. Hello, beautiful girl. So good to see a little hello from you in this space. Congrats on getting the house more settled! I'm looking forward to all the elements of your life becoming more settled in the next few weeks, and especially the transition season at work.

    Love you, girl.

  2. Hey friend. So good to hear that the pieces are slowly finding their places. Love you. We should talk (real talk not blog talk) soon!

  3. Hey Kirsten
    I was just sitting here thinking about you and wondering how your moving is going. I can see you are moving on along there. I am checking up on ya.......

  4. Hope it all--the unpacking and work transition and life changes--settles in the just right way. Sediment floating to bottom, clear waters above the dimming murk. Bless you!

  5. good to hear that you are doing ok in the emerald city.

  6. Update: Okay now, we really got snow!