24 August 2009

have you heard ...

... of RedBubble?

RedBubble is an online community open to all artists where they can share and sell their work -- everything from original paintings and drawings, to photography, writing, and even t-shirts. Just because it is "grass roots" doesn't mean it's of mediocre quality -- I'm amazed and inspired by much of what I've seen there. This is a place where artists are able to share with and encourage one another, as well as generate a bit of income for something they love doing.

RedBubble is all about the artist and wants anyone who wants to to join the show. Just check out their simple Where we Stand statement.


And I'm sure you've already guessed it -- I'm so there. You can check out my page here, or click on the widget on the sidebar to the right. I just uploaded some photos this weekend, so imagine my surprise when I viewed the featured art and photography page and found one of my photos featured!! I imagine I could get used to this.

Have fun exploring!!


  1. That's so great, friend! I'm so excited for you to be taking this step with your photography. That schoolbus shot is still among my favorites you've ever done. I'm putting my bet on its becoming a popular one for people on Red Bubble! :)

  2. What fun! I'm so excited for you...that's a blast.

  3. Congratulations!! Your photography is amazing so I am not at all suprised that they chose yours. You have a definite talent.

  4. fantastic.. the site.. and your feature.