21 August 2009

mushy love stuff*

I can't get enough of it -- so I'm PDA-ing blog-style.

kissing #1 kissing #2 kissing #3
variations on a kiss
photos (& kiss) a collaborative effort by james & kirsten
Canon 40D

So here I sit listening to the ethereal soundtrack from The Mission, looking forward to a weekend of loving and togetherness. Wishing you much love and beauty in the weekend ahead!!

P.S. Aren't Peder (my brother) & Annie adorable??

peder & annie
photo by james


  1. So lovely! And so many happy faces!

  2. I love that soundtrack! And I love that you're so happy and reveling in the PDA. :)

    By the way, I've been meaning to tell you for a while that the new blog banner is muy bonita. Makes me miss you even more!

    Ergh ... I don't know why this new version of Blogger's comment post thingy always makes me do it 2-3 times before posting my comments!

  3. Beautiful!!

    My Tim just bought a D90 this evening. I think our weekend will be filled with him trying it out...! But, our photos (in theory) should be much better than with the point and shoot cameras we've been using! (And I'm crossing my fingers that we won't miss any more of the kids soccer goals because the cameras couldn't take photos fast enough!)

  4. oooh, karin that's a nice camera!! i can't wait to see what you're able to do with that. i love the photos you take of your kids already and you're going to be able to do some amazing things with that nikon.