22 September 2009

welcome, autumn

Crisp dark mornings. Spiced cider. Pumpkin patches. Trees bedecked in jewel tones, dropping their airy gems. Wind and rain and cinnamon.

autumn #1

lone leaf

It is here.


  1. Yeah!!

    We had warmed cider for Tim's birthday party on Sunday. So yummy.

    Your photos are just stunning.

  2. Welcome 90 degree weather and days that seem no different from summer . . . oh, wait. I live in Southern California ;) I miss fall, but your photos give me just a little bit of it now, when I crave it. Thanks!

  3. Your photos are beautiful, Kirsten. And your description of autumn makes me long for Pacific Northwest life.

  4. Oh, Kirsten--these photos are breathtaking. I love autumn. We have some crisp weather today after last night's rain. It made me crave apples. Gut we don't get much autumn in TX. But I'll be in Jersey in Oct for a week!

  5. oh, the things I miss while I live in the South...

  6. Thanks, all!! Posting this is mildly ironic as the first day of autumn here was sunny, clear, and 86 degrees. Today holds more of the same. This is most un-Seattle like. We did get a little preview this past weekend, however, which is when I took the pics above. I'm really going to miss summer, but I can't get enough of the rich colors of autumn.

  7. wind, rain, and cinnamon.
    mmm yes.