19 September 2009

dorkin' out

Once upon a time, I was a very, very serious person. I was serious about academics, about reading and writing, about music ... in short: everything. As the following photographs are about to prove, those days are gone. I don't mean to say that I avoid intellectual or spiritual discussion, because I frequently do engage with others in this way. And I don't mean to say that there aren't things about which I am intellectually or emotionally passionate. Because I am.

What I mean is that now, I'm not afraid to get my silly on. You might say I'm serious about getting silly, which would mean perhaps, that there hasn't been any change in seriousness after all. It's an interesting philosophical question which I will take precisely zero minutes of my (or your) time to analyze.

In any case, there was ample opportunity for this (upping the silly factor) on our recent road trip to central California. And I wasn't alone. In fact, I was in excellent company.

Please enjoy this, my ode to dorkin' out ...

(in honor of Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day, appropriately enough)

pirate rick


And not to be outdone (you know I'm saving the best for last, right?),

This one needs a caption, but for the life of me,
I can't stop laughing long enough to come up with one.

(Because laughter is necessary to life)


  1. love it! i love to get my silly on, too. sometimes kirk and i get so silly, we can't stop laughing. it's so freeing and healing to laugh hard, isn't it?

    i like the part where you said you're going to spend a sum total of zero minutes to analyze these things. :)

    the pictures are great. i love to see you laughing hard. and the one of james mimicking the facial expression of that painting on the wall cracks me up.

  2. LOVE these! What a blast you must have had ;) And must still be having, looking at them.

  3. I recently read or heard or something somewhere that humor is a sign or intelligence. We must be one group of geniuses.

  4. Final proof that Life imitates art. ; )