09 September 2009

where we've been

James with my Canon 40D
Taken on the coast near Carmel, CA with my Blackberry

At about 2:15 this morning, James and I rolled in to Issaquah after a long weekend trip to the Central Valley area of California. Successive hours in the truck allowed us to connect with each other deeply. We were able to enjoy time with dear friends, connecting with them on a heart level that is only possible in person. God blessed us in ways we could not have planned or foreseen.

We left them with the best kind of sadness, the kind that makes you want to stay until the last possible second (hence the 2:15 a.m. arrival time).

We will be in the process of recovering for a few days, catching up on sleep (I got two hours last night before needing to come into work today), doing laundry, and going through the seven hundred or so pictures we took. There is much that my heart is pondering and treasuring from this trip that I hope to share with you when time and sanity and the headspace/heartspace will allow.

Until then ... I wish you well and I wish you peace.


  1. Wow! What a trip! And yikes on the working without sleeping thing. I'm so glad the trip was a gift to you, and would love to hear and see more when you're recovered!

  2. Welcome home. Welcome to deeper knowing. Welcome to love.