12 November 2009

it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship

One year ago today, Facebook played a pivotal role in changing my life forever.


Hi James!! How the heck are you?

These were the first words I wrote on the wall of his Facebook page after accepting his friend request on November 12, 2008. I had no idea then what I was in for. We hadn't kept in touch since our days at Biola and for all I knew, the pictures on his profile page were of his own children.

I remember a knot in me relaxing when I learned from his reply that the children in those photos were all nieces and nephews.

After several more replies back and forth, then came a phone call (that one, four and a half hours) and a second phone call (that one, five and a half hours) and a third brief one in which I had to tell him exactly how much I was feeling, and how unexpectedly I was feeling it. Nearly a year before that, I had embraced my singleness enthusiastically. Because of this and the vow of celibacy I knew he had made (and which only God could undo), it was painful for me to tell him that my heart was not available to anyone else.

I knew I was telling him: if I don't marry you, I don't marry. Period.

That phone call ended tenuously. I had just blurted the entire contents of my heart out, and I didn't have any idea of it being reciprocated.

But then it was.

He loved me and he married me, and so we grow in love, still.

{And, PS ... he was right again.}

photo by kirsten.michelle
Canon 40D


  1. Sigh.

    This post makes me so happy.

    I can hardly believe it has only been a year since this first connection . . . and look at all that has transpired. Sheesh. God can sure do a lot in a year's time, can't he?!

    Love to you on this special day, my friend.

  2. Wow. Was that just a year ago? What a year it was! So cool to see you guys not only in the same state but so very much in love!

  3. Oh, how I love this. Very, very much. Time will only continue to move faster... Years will become decades. Decades, lifetimes. I love how you cherish each moment in the midst of it all.

  4. I started a comment before, and then it just wasn't the right words.
    I know that this is just so so romantic and real life. That perfect coming together of that mysterious love thing. Goosebumps.