09 December 2009

cleansing my conscience

My thank you notes have been done for months, I swear. About five months ago, they were written, signed, sealed, not all addressed, but at least had the names on them.

And they've been sitting in a neat little pile on a shelf in our kitchen.

Ooooh, they're newlyweds some say. I know etiquette says we have a year to get these out, but honestly ... the fact that these thank you notes have been sitting in our apartment unmailed for over five months is a little embarrassing to me and now that I've told you, my conscience is at least partially cleansed. I have tremendous pangs of guilt whenever I use the mixing bowl you gave me, or whenever I cook dinner with the electric grill and griddle you sent. The kitchen towels? I can barely stand it.


All this to say, these thank yous will be sent out with our Christmas cards.

Now that I've purged my conscience, I can move on. Almost. I think. The silverware is totally getting to me. So if you were at the wedding and gave us a gift and have subconsciously (or consciously) muttered in wonder about what the heck those newlyweds are doing, not sending out their thank you notes after this long, then wonder no more. We're on it, I promise.

One thing I will say is that having had a wedding this year is making gifts for family easy. When asked what they would like, "Pictures!!" is nearly a unanimous reply. So needless to say, Shutterfly is loving me this holiday season. Our thank you notes/Christmas cards will include a lovely photo of the blissed-out newlyweds (or not-yet-weds, as we are in the timing of this in particular photo) wishing you a blessed holiday season. It's the least we could do.


Christmas photo card designed at Shutterfly
Wedding photo Copyright 2009 Jen Fox Photography


  1. ha! Thank you notes are overrated. Just sayin' . . .

  2. Well. I am here to make you feel better about the delay in your thank you notes. Because I never sent mine at all. I purchased the notes, mind you. They were adorable. But I neither wrote them nor sent them. Horror of all horrors, I know. It will surely be a guilt I bear my whole life long until the good Lord finally sees fit to call me home and thereby rescue me from my disgrace. *Sigh*

  3. you are too adorable.

    confession time: i've got my own share of kirsten-and-james wedding-related conscience cleansing to do! you'll just have to wait and see . . . ! more to come very soon, i promise. :)

  4. Thank you all for making me feel better at my gross failings in etiquette. Every time I see that little pile, I want to scream a little bit.

    Oooh, Christanne ... I can't wait!!