10 December 2009

oooh, shiny!!

I don't know what it is about Christmas that makes me so excited about all things glittery and shiny. Perhaps the cold freezes the parts of my brain that normally suppress such ecstatic outbursts in response to the sight of anything glittery and brightly colored. But I have to admit, I became positively giddy when decorating the tree with all manner of vibrantly colored, shiny, glittery ornaments. It's a wonder there was any glitter left on the ornaments that we hung -- I looked as though someone had fired at me repeatedly with a Bedazzler.

glittery green ornament

Oooh, shiny!! Sparkly, pretty!! Oooh ...

i are shiny.
Sorry. I get carried away sometimes.

Sparkles!! Pink sparkles!!

glittery ornament

Now one thing I will say about our tree: we have seven hundred and one square feet of living space (and that extra square foot means something). In that space, we have slightly more than one thousand books. And our bed, of course. And all my camera stuff. Which means that there's really not room for an impressive tree. So after books, bed, camera gear, and a few pairs of shoes, we have approximately one and one half square feet for our Christmas tree.

So without further ado, I am pleased to introduce you to our first Christmas tree. We call him Herb. Blogging friends, meet Herb. Herb, meet blogging friends.

our tree

Not exactly a shy one, is he?

So tell me, readers: do you have any favorite decorations or decorating traditions in your homes? As one who is interested in building family traditions, I'd love to know. Please share!!


  1. Herb is AWESOME!! I'll never forget our first Christmas tree... we had quite literally NO ORNAMENTS! And I refused to buy any. I thought they should be collected over time. One at a time. Now, after almost a dozen years of marriage, I've "collected" three kids, six trees, and countless ornaments. Here's to you Kirsten and James, and many, many years of "collecting."

  2. Aww little Herb is too adorable!

    My favorite 'decorating' tradition--since I was five, mind you-- is adding baby Jesus to His manger in my mother's nativity set. She inherited a gorgeous porcelain scene that she lays out at the start of each Advent season. She strings a few strands of white lights underneath, puts a layer or two of muslin over the lights, and surrounds her nativity with glowing 'snow' hills. It hasn't lost its magical affect on me, even years later!

  3. Love the glitter . . . and the Herb! I understand about the barely enough living space part of things . . . and Herb is fabulous!

  4. Herb is hilarious. I love that he's not shy.

    And oy, I didn't realize real estate space was that hard to come by in your pad! Poor Herb. Hopefully he won't feel intimidated by the books and cameras. :)

    My favorite Christmas tradition is grabbing a hot latte and strolling Park Avenue with Kirkum. The shops are so cute, especially at Christmas with all the twinkle lights on the poles and trees and all the Christmas display cases.

    I'm sure your neck of the woods has some similar cuteness to be strolled with warm coffee in hand and loved one by side!

  5. Karin, that's so awesome!! I remember helping decorate the family tree when I was younger ... I always loved pulling out the ornaments Mom & Dad had collected over the years. I remember this one from Hallmark that was two tiny little mice in a mushroom house. It said "Our First Christmas" on the outside, with the year they were married on it. I look forward to collecting some such ornaments for future trees, and to sharing memories and stories with any children God would bless us with. Thanks for sharing!!

    Sarah* -- what a beautiful tradition!! One thing we don't have yet is a nativity set. I'd love to find a special one for us. And I know what you mean about that magic ... I get that way about my family's Christmas traditions as well.

    Sarah -- thanks, friend. We rather like 'im ourselves. See you soon!!

  6. Mmm ... yes, Christianne ... Issaquah does boast such quaint cuteness. I may have to borrow that tradition of yours.

  7. Ahh, Herb.... you remind me so much of that first Christmas Jen and I had together, its the simple things that are so memorable.

    As for traditional decorations, it Christmas lights!!! I have my C9 bulbs with the clear icicles that perfectly go down the street facing side of the house. In a year or two more I hope to finish off the rest of the roof. Of course that isn't counting all the rest of the lights that adorn our various trees in the front yard.

    Merry Merry Merry Christmas you two!!!!!

  8. I love shiny, glittery, sparkly things--these ornaments look like they're related to the ones adorning Theresa.
    Sigh. If only Theresa could meet Herb.

  9. I love Herb and all your sparkly things! Rob and I began a tradition last year of driving up to my parents' place in Northern MN and getting a little Charlie Brown Christmas tree. It is alive and thriving and we replant him in the Spring. Charlie returned to a special place last month and we brought home Linus. He's going to get a lot of tlc, including the security blanket wrapped around his base. Merry Christmas, and glad tidings to all!