15 December 2009

this is what happens when you're home sick for two days

You finally break out the PaintShop Pro X2 software that has been sitting on your countertop for over a week, install in on your computer, and start figuring out how to use it. And then you get addicted to it and get almost none of the rest that you need. I've been pouring through my photostream on Flickr and wondering how I could improve upon some of my collection. The photos below are evidence of how little rest I've gotten and how much I'm addicted to this new toy ... I mean, tool.

Let me tell you, the possibilities are endless. Textures, layers, and textures, oh my!!

NOTE: You can click on any of the photos below to go to the Flickr page where they reside and view the full resolution copies if you like.

merry and bright

dreaming of spring

cemetery walking

rainy day, san francisco

Gotta go lay myself and my snotty nose down again. Toodles!!


  1. so fun!
    and I am happy to see you out here in blogland as well.
    I will be following along... oh the interwebs!

  2. Gorgeous . . . I love them, and all the different looks. Feel better!

  3. Oh my...these are ridiculously gorgeous! How fun for you!