15 January 2010


One of the purposes of our recent trip to Southern California was to do some maternity shots for Sarah and Dave. It was my first maternity photoshoot, and it was to celebrate the impending arrival of their first baby, who has since arrived on the scene!! Many firsts were celebrated in the few days we were there.

So even though wee little Mirren Clarys (BTW, don't you just love that name?) is now outside the womb, I thought I would share a few special shots from the day. There are more where these come from (I think I took close to 400), but these stood out to me as immediate favorites and I am just bursting to share!!

maternity: sarah & dave

maternity: sarah & dave

baby girl in there!!

Congratulations to Sarah and Dave, and a warm welcome to the world to Mirren Clarys!! You are all much loved.

photos and processing by kirsten.michelle
copyright 2010


  1. Kirsten, I love these. I'm so glad it was as great for you as it was for us!!!

  2. kirsten
    beautiful images.... really lovely!!

    thanks for the post on my blog... seems like we have lots in common....

    keep clickin.... xxo, kim

  3. Necessity is the mother of invention..........................

  4. hooray! so much fun to see these pics. they're all so sweet in their own unique ways. the bow around sarah's belly is a cute idea, and i liked seeing sarah's bare feet in the second pic.

    congrats on this first maternity shoot of yours! how fun that you got to share this special moment with a special friend!

  5. What sweet shots. Congratulations on your new growing bundle of joy, too :). Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months.