14 January 2010

and the winner is ...

Thank you all so much for your wonderful ideas in response to my previous post!! I want to use each and every one -- the ideas you've given have inspired ideas beyond themselves and I want to incorporate the fresh perspectives you gave me. Truth be told, I'm sure that I will.

So without further ado, but with a little drumroll action if you please ...

Everyone's names were written on a notecard and folded up ...

... and then I put them in a bowl ...

... and then I shook them up and flipped them around before I reached in ...

... and grabbed the winning name:


Congrats to Esther at Inside My Shell. You are the winner of the framed Hummingbird print!! Please send me your mailing information at kirsten116 [at] gmail [dot] com and I will send you your prize. Esther's idea was to imitate a scene from a famous painting. Hmm ... already my mind is wondering which famous painting it should be. If any of you have an idea, I'm certainly game to hear them!!

To EVERYONE who submitted ideas ... look for them in upcoming submissions for my self-portrait project. I'm excited to get started!!

For those who are interested, some of my prints (including the Hummingbird) are currently on sale at RedBubble. For a variety of reasons, I am contemplating canceling this account and using a different vendor to distribute my work. I will be sure to update you if and when that occurs.

Again, thank you so much for all of your wonderful ideas!! I can't wait to take a crack at them. Be on the lookout for more giveaways in the future ...

P.S. to Heather: I won't be shoplifting in the buff, but this seed of an idea is inspiring something else. Something I've stamped TOP SECRET for now.


  1. Oh? Did I miss a giveaway? not like me! I must go check out some of your prints at RedBubble--like so much of what I see here!

  2. hi amy!

    on behalf of high calling blogs, i would like to welcome you as a member.

    i hope that you will come, connect and feel a part of the group. there are a lot of fine people involved and some very interesting things to check out.

    here is a link that gives a few answers to questions, with a link to ask questions and relate suggestions.


    Love to you.

  3. Even your giveaway shots are amazing. But of course.
    Congrats to the winner.
    And I will check out the Red Bubble site.

  4. @Laura
    It's been a long time since I've done one, but yes!! I think I'll be doing these more often, so keep posted!!

    Thank you for the warm welcome!!

    Thank you!!

  5. Ooh--I can't wait to see the top secret project!
    You know, it's funny how silliness can inspire something real. I'm learning that in my writing. I'm struggling with writer's block. I realized I'm trying to be too serious. Sometimes we need silliness to fire the neurons.

  6. When I first read the winning idea was to imitate a scene from a famous painting, I immediately thought of Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring. I'm pretty sure I saw another photo of you that resembled that painting in remarkable ways already ... so I'm not sure you would want to reproduce it again. But still ... you bear a resemblance to the girl in that painting!

  7. @Heather
    I couldn't agree with you more. Being just plain silly is such a positive, much-needed release at times.

    Thanks for the beautiful ideas, girlie!! That is one I'm definitely considering. We also thought it'd be a hoot to try this one. :o)