16 January 2010

and who knew getting older could be so darn fun?

I'm 32 today!! Who knew getting older could be such a party?

Mom and Dad drove down for the day to help James and I celebrate my birthday. I was doing a special 365 for the occasion (complete with party dress, pink fizzy drink in a martini glass, party hats, faux gems, and party blowers) and we thought: Hey ... why couldn't we all get in on the photographic action?

So we did. What a blast!! This one was easy to choose for my 365.

115/365: birthday girl!!
115/365: birthday girl!!
16 january 2010
Canon 40D

Thanks for joining me in this virtual birthday party!!
I wish you all could be here.

photo by kirsten.michelle
copyright 2010


  1. Happy Birthday, Kirsten!!.
    Love the rings.

    and the photo of course. What a shot of joy.
    You are loved, huh?

  2. What a fun picture!!

    Happy Birthday! :)

  3. Happy birthday, fun girlie! I'm glad I'm getting this comment posted when it is still technically your special day on the West Coast. :)

    I'm glad you had a great day. Looks like you and the fam had a blast together. So glad they could be there to celebrate you.

  4. I love this picture! How fun!

    Happy birthday Kirsten!!!

  5. @deb
    Thanks, Deb!! I'm glad you noticed the rings -- that was one of my favorite things. And yes, I am ridiculously well-loved. And thankful.

    Thanks, Tea!!

    Thanks, girl!! It was a fun and wonderful day with the people I love. I do love birthdays -- I hope that never changes. :o)

    Thanks, Jodi!! You've had some really fun shots yourself lately. Taking this one was at least as much fun as it looks here. :o)

  6. Happy Birthday! I know I'm a little late . . . for some reason, my days and nights are a little turned around right now ;) I love you and I hope it was a fabulous day! Happy 32.

  7. Happy birthday blogger friend! Wishing you a very special day - love the fun pic too!

  8. Happy Happy Birthday! Love the pic! So I have to ask. Do you have a wide assortments of backdrops that you're using now, or is this some of the magic that DSLR provides for you?

  9. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Second of all, how did you do that fun background? I LOVE it!

  10. This is great!!
    Happy Birthday! :) <3 So much love to youu!!

    What a great picture..You look gorgeous (and not even your age) hehe!!


  11. @Sarah
    I suppose you have a good reason for being a little late to the party, considering you gave birth 4 days ago and your world is all topsy-turvy and new right now!! Thanks for stopping by to distribute the birthday wishes!!

    Thank you so much!!

    Thank you so much!! The background actually is a product of some photo manipulation. We had a white background and then I added in this effect. Perhaps I'll write a post on how I did it!!

    Thank you for the birthday wishes -- it was definitely a fun one!! I added the background effect after the fact, which you've probably already read in my response to Sean above. :o) I think I am going to write a post about how -- I can't believe how easy this stuff is!!

    @Abigail Jasmine
    Tee hee!! Thank you so much -- I think getting silly like this from time to time helps preserve our youthfulness. I do declare, it is great for the skin!!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!! :o)