27 January 2010

to be hidden in Him

125/365: the things we hide

I'm not hiding from you, I promise. Well, OK maybe just a little.
Will it help if I distract you with pretty things?

Butterflies hand-painted on a delicate Japanese fan, perhaps?
A bright pink polka-dotted ribbon?

No then?
Well, I will say this:

I've entered into a deep mystery, I've been given a gift.
And I'm here hiding, thanking God quietly,
taking to Him my fears and freakouts,
wondering, pondering, resting, asking.

Hoping and praying, wondering and thanking.

Hiding, quietly.


  1. Rest well in that hidden place, friend.

  2. It sounds like God has you in a beautiful place. Love your picture! :)

  3. Dwell in Him..yes yes yes!!
    Give Him all ya got!
    ....He's got His plan for you perfected

    *thanKs n' PraIse*

    ~beautiful photo..as usual lovely lady

  4. I love this post...

    Sounds a whole lot like "Be still, and know that I am God..."

    (Psalm 37 and 46)

  5. @Sarah
    Thank you, dear friend.

    He really does have me in a beautiful place ... one that I treasure and did not at all expect.

    Oh how I love you, my friend.

    @Abigail Jasmine
    This is such a good & happy place to dwell ... and SECURE. Thank you, beautiful girl!!

    Yes, Karin ... it is a whole lot like that.