05 February 2010


That's probably the piece of advice I've gotten most lately:

Rest. Get all the rest you can right now.

131/365: rest

I've always had a hard time slowing down. I've always been one to push through the tired, to get my list of tasks completed. To greater or lesser degrees, I've always thought that I was valuable to the same degree to which I could get things done, cross them off my list, and prove myself. A Christian most of my life, I've long understood this is not really true, but I lived as if it were. It has always felt true. I've always struggled with this.

But the sanctity of the life growing inside me is far from being lost on me. I'm humbled and in awe that God is inviting me to participate in this miracle. I pray for the little bean several times a day, I make the sign of the cross over my belly, I ask Jesus and Mary to protect this little life.

It was so fitting with the readings at Mass this past weekend, the first reading being from the first chapter of Jeremiah: Before I formed you in the womb I knew you ... (Jeremiah 1:5) and we later sung a hymn based on Psalm 139: You formed my inmost being; you knit me in my mother's womb (v. 14).

I felt tears prick my eyes. God knows far better than I do just how precious this little one is.

He loves and knits and protects and knows. While the pace of my life slows and come to stillness at the end of the day, He is watchful and vigilant and busy, ever standing guard over us. I realized this morning that more than a physical need, rest is a part of my vocation right now, needed to nurture myself and this little bean.

And somehow, knowing that is making it easier for me to rest.


  1. the rest is important. your body will let you know when it needs more- either by tossing out lots of morning sickness or headaches or??? Your body is full of knowledge and will let you know what it needs- listen and you will be well, the baby will be well.
    once you hit that second trimester your energy will be back, it is pretty amazing.


    (ps my word verification is "blesnap" hmmm... a message from the universe perhaps? :)

  2. Rest well, my friend. I'm so glad you feel invited into rest in these precious moments. What a great way to love your little one!

  3. You are so beautiful... from the inside out.

    (my verification word is "orest")

  4. Mmmm ... I really like this. Rest is part of my vocation now ... knowing that is making it easier for me to rest. How sweet are God's graces! That he would use the miracle and joy in this new life he is creating to also be a vehicle through which he gives you rest ... that is just an amazing thing to notice. His creative capacity is limitless. I'm thankful for this for you.

  5. Your pics are so awesome. Congrats on your baby!