19 November 2011

I'm Back!! {Lattes & Rainy Days Re-Launch Day}

Welcome!! (And welcome back!!)

Seeing as today is the 5 year anniversary for this blog, I thought it the perfect time to relaunch. I hope you'll take some time to look around and get familiar with the new surroundings. You will notice that not only does this space has a new look, but it has a new and clarified focus as well.

Because we're kicking off the blog again with a new look and feel and focus, I thought it only appropriate to tell you about these things on video. Here, I give you a brief history of the blog, why I'm relaunching it now (and why I'm doing it at a time when I'm pulling back a bit from posting as frequently on Team-Ewan.com), and what you can expect from me in this space.

(Please excuse the tired eyes and bad hair day.)
(And is that video frozen at an attractive moment in time, or what?!)

As I noted in the video, one of the biggest changes on the blog are the static pages you will see linked at the top of the blog. I've used these to provide a background and points of focus for readers who are coming back or those who are coming for the first time, as well as to keep those things clear in my own mind as I write and share in this space.

Here's a quick rundown of what's on each page:

Who She Is: A brief (well, depending on your understanding of "brief") description of my background, where I'm from, and high points of my story over the last several years. A good place to get an idea of who I am if you don't already have a context for that.

About the Blog: On this page, I talk about what the nature and focus of the blog is. This helps not only me in clarifying what I'll be posting here, but will (I hope) help anyone who comes here know whether or not this is a space they want to read and/or be involved in. I explain here what you can expect from me in terms of content and how frequently I expect to have new posts available.

Faith & Spirituality: Because my faith and spirituality are things that I consider to be central to who I am, and will comprise a good deal of the content that will be found on the blog, I spend some time on this page explaining my faith history and where I'm coming from now.

Reading List: Also known as, "Letting the Internet Know Just How Big a Nerd I Am." This is just what it sounds like: a list of books that I'm reading now, that I've read recently, and that I hope to read soon in the future. Right now it includes only non-fiction works, but may at some point in the future include some of my favorite fiction works on there as well.

Photography: Pretty self-explanatory! On this page, I speak to my photography and the role it plays in my blogging. For anyone who's interested in using one or more of my photos on their own blog or website, there are also instructions on how to contact me so we can discuss the details of that.

Other Venues: Other places where you can find me!

Feel free to take your time exploring. Leave a comment if you wish. I'm excited to be back here and look forward to meeting you here again soon!!


  1. So glad you are back! :) It's great to "see" you!!!!

    I have missed you and your blog!!

    I pray you have been so great and that the Lord has continually shown you His love and faithfulness.

  2. I'm so glad to hear that you'll be posting here again! I'm looking forward to looking over your new pages, and hearing more from you again. ♥

  3. Congratulations, my friend! Such a big step of re-entry and celebration for you, and I'm glad you're continuing the Lattes journey.

    PS: Love the image of Kraft Gardens you included on your sidebar! :)


  4. This video made me smile so big! Looking forward to seeing the part of your journey that will be reflected in this space :)



  5. Woot! Looking forward to more posts!!!!

    [:: Sean :]