19 March 2008

places of peace & rest

I'm back {just barely}.

I'm tired.

I hope you will allow me to be mostly silent at present as I gather my thoughts together and reflect, holding them close. But also allow me to share with you some of my new favorite views and places ...

mount hermon photos by kirsten.michelle


  1. dear girl, it is just as i said: photographs are always welcome when they come from the lens of a camera that is at the other end of your beautifully seeing eyes. these photographs are so beautiful, some fr their delicacy and others for their ruggedness.

    my sweet friend, rest. breathe. take time. tend to yourself. reflect. take things in. allow them to just be. always yourself the same privilege.

    i love you. so good to hear your voice once again today. so blessed to be your dear friend, as you are mine.

  2. ps: i am currently listening to the top alanis morisette song of all time [ie., "that i would be good"] on repeat on itunes, via the wonderful mtv unplugged album i discovered i could download there. hee. :)

  3. evil blogger ate my comment. suffice it to say:
    1) i want a digital camera i can carry with me wherever i go, though
    2) it doesn't mean i'll take pics as gorgeous as these and
    3) peace, backrubs, and comfy pillows to you, friend.

    Oh, and
    4) call anytime. leave a message at the beep. i'll call you back. phone number via gmail.

  4. hey K.;

    welcome back. wonderful pics. they speak volumes

  5. 1)Get a good cozy down feather pillow.

    2) Lay head on said pillow.

    3) Sleep for hours.

    4) If you have trouble with the above steps, insert a glass of red wine anywhere between 1 and 2.

    5) Repeat as necessary.

  6. so beautiful kirsten. these pictures evoke as many thoughts and feelings as the author and Creator imagined they would...so splendid. thank you. it's a little like reading someone's heart and wondering how close you're getting to what they saw and felt. and heard. holding it all close and letting it breathe and settle in deep.

  7. Oh, you're taking me back. And I'm barely even home yet. Sigh. Beautiful, beautiful.

  8. Your beautiful images reminded me to stop and take a deep breath. I am holding your silence. Rest and rejuvenate friend.

  9. i totally get the need to be quiet. love you kirsten. can't wait to hear about this when the words come. take care of you.

  10. christianne - beauty & ruggedness. i did not notice it initially, but see it now that you point it out. both accurate descriptors of my time there.

    sarah - grrr ... i know all about evil blogger eating comments. bleh! taking your advice & resting ...

    dean - good to be back, friend. ;o)

    dave - thanks for the welcome back!

    carl - excellent advice!! i plan on heeding it precisely. and just to make sure i'm good, i've already got the pinot grigio chilling! ;o)

    di - i always think of sharing pictures as being a way i can invite others to be there with me. and yes, the creator's handiwork was just so splendidly on display here!

    l.l. - i sigh with you. so glad to be home, but so thankful too for our time there. again, so lovely to meet you at last!!

    chloe - thank you; sometimes reminders to breathe are so, so needed, aren't they?? thanks for your thoughts & love, friend.

    terri - i can't wait to share about this time. there's a lot i could tell even now, but there's also a mysterious not-yet-ness to it that i expect will continue to surprise me in the coming days & weeks.

    love to all ...

  11. Beautiful restful photos here Kirsten. I know that God is doing some wonderful things in your life. Missing you and loving you.

  12. take your time, as you process all you have learned. i'm sure the things you garnered at the conference are not to be rushed.

    and i just have to say, i LOVE the first shot... that's frameable. beautiful pics.... looks like the perfect atmosphere for finding your muse.

  13. Lovely views, lovely places, lovely photographs.
    May your time settling back in bring comfort, as you integrate all that has been awakened.

  14. Kirsten, peace and blessings for Easter and more times of rest and refreshment! ~Suz.

  15. these pictures are wonderful ksis. oh my goodness... i just got your new nic name! kisses! ha... i know that sounds kinda weird, but watch...




    you see the progression there? yeah... that's right.

    i miss you my sis!

  16. danny and kissy sittin' in the tree...

  17. danny - you are too cute, bro!! i totally get the progression.

    di - ewwww, he's my brother!! danny crossed the line!! he started it!! ;o) just kidding of course, danny doesn't make me go "ewwww"!

  18. ...A friend of Rebecca Redin's... Live in Cali...love Mount Hermon. So peaceful, restful and close to God. If you get a chance, go to one of their Family Camps! Very encouraging. Mount Hermon has a wonderful ministry.

  19. hi sharon, & welcome! i'm always happy to see a new face here (well, i can't "see your face", but i think you know what i mean). ;o)

    i can't wait to go back to mount hermon ... should God give me the gift of my own family one day, i'll be sure to go back there with them. until then, it'll be more writers conferences for me!!

  20. OK I love some of these photos. Number 6 is what I want my backyard to have and 8 9 are just captivating.

  21. think I came here via Beyond the Map, so grateful I stumbled this way! Love these breathtaking moments from your writing retreat!