18 July 2008


needing some, finding some, sharing some ...

... and about that's all i have to say about that.

slater photos by kirsten.michelle


  1. Makes me want to cuddle up and feel the purring rumbling on my stomach.

  2. ya know, i should tell you this.
    when i very first found your blog, i thought...oh,she is young and happy and full of life. it is wonderful that she can still be this way because she is young and beautiful and does not have any problems yet to deal with.

    cats are good company

    actually , i can not believe that i thought that, but, i think i was feeling old and having to deal with issues with my body. and i was remembering how it was easier when i was younger and not so old and growing uglier every day.

    it was not good or right of me to compare and be bitter about such things. as i got to know you better through your writing and then found out that you battle with things, and are still very full of love and joy. and your beauty comes from inside. and i think that it is not good for me to be so judgemental. it is very fleshy...of the flesh.

  3. i don't know how i got
    cats are good company in the middle
    of the post...

    i thought i was at the end.

  4. awwww!! i love it. i am especially fond of a kitty's paws. :)

    my little girl kitty is over here right now, actually, putting her front paws up on my desk chair arm and squawking at me because she wants some affection time.

  5. heather - i feel exactly the same way.

    nancy - thank you for sharing those thoughts; you are not the first one to say so. it has been such a humbling reminder for me in my quick tendency to assess or judge who a person is, what they're about, etc., before i even get to know them. i hate that i do this.

    and you ought to know, there's only once place from where this joy springs: christ alone!!

    christianne - i knew this post would be up your alley, girl!! i love those kitty paws too. and that face ... i just want to stay on that floor and swim in those green eyes, rub my hands through that soft fur all day!!

  6. mmmm . . . sounds heavenly! your slater kitty has gorgeous eyes, and that fur looks especially rubbable. (wait, is that even a word?!) :)

  7. Awww what a sweetie. There’s nothing like our furry friends for comfort!

  8. yes, i have freedom from bitterness when i abide in Christ Jesus.

    Jesus answered, "Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life."

    john 4 - 13,14

    God is in you, and using you.
    praise God.

  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuYSIcbmUQs#

  10. Hi Kirsten
    cute kitty kat. You should ask Christianne to tell you my kitty kat story.......a very short lived pet tale........

  11. Ok girly!
    Incredible shots! Love that face...I wanna kiss that sweet lil'nose! How are you?! Well...I have a surprise for you over at my blog! Come take a peek!

  12. although I'm not a fan of cats (they make me sneeze and for some odd reason, cats don't seem to be a fan of me either), your pictures are wonderful. Hope you are enjoying the weather - i love that it has finally become summer.

  13. christianne - it can be a word if we want it to be!! and yes, that fur is so, so soft ... and slater loves having it rubbed. :o)

    chloe - i agree!! something so comforting about the affection our four-legged friends offer.

    nancy - amen, & AMEN!!

    tammy - hi girl!! good to hear from you. i'll be sure to ask christianne about your story, but i'm sure you could tell it only all too well ... ;o)

    robyn - hi!! i'll be sure to stop by. :o)

    ilse - i know you're no cat fan, but this little fuzznugget especially excels at being ridiculously adorable.

    and yeah, i'm loving the summer too. i think my scalp got a little burnt this weekend ... OUCH!!

  14. Hiya. Having just left our cats behind us, I was reminded what we're missing. Might have to rethink this situation.

  15. Well the low down on that is, I got a kitten from Nathans house. I brought it home and went to Wal-Mart to buy some stuff, cat liter box and so forth. I e-mailed Christianne to get some info on how to take care of one.

    Well during my trip through Wal-Mart i run into a friend of mine who knows me quiet well. She said, "Tammy have you lost your mind? you will never be able to handle that." One major reason i am a freak about my furniture and kitty kat had too many claws to scratch it up. Plus, the only way i could have dealt with him is if he had his own room and i just bought a new bedroom suit for my extra room.

    That was the shortest pet story ever. Me and kitty kat parted, i never said, "i do." Two hours later kitty kat has his bags packed and was headed back to Nate's house. SO i e-mail Christianne later that evening saying, "kitty kat is cuddly, sweet, too adorable,......... and LEAVING.

    Christianne was out during those e-mails and she got them both back to back. She sent me an e-mail saying, "you have both elated and deflated me all in a manner of minutes."

    So that is the story. Poor kitty i miss him. Another thing i hate emotional attachments, ( i seriously need therapy for that!)

  16. Thanks for your wonderful comments girly! I am so very glad I have found your blog! How I love coming here! Thinking of you!

  17. Hi Kirsten!..

    LoL..I'm not really a cat person..BUT..i love these pictures!...looks so comfy and care free..wow...a day in the life of a cat...