09 July 2007

Kirsten & the Great Big Move (Phase 1)

I don't know if what I'm about to coin a phrase or start a new cliche, because if it's not yet cliche, it should be. You know who really loves you (or who your real friends are) by who is there to help you move.

This past weekend can best be described by the words chaos and bedlam. And okay, it can be described by the word bleach too. Cardboard is another good word. I didn't know it was possible to smell like a packing box, but I am living evidence that one can smell like she has spritzed herself generously with eau de cardboard. One day and one long, hot shower later, I still smell like boxes and bleach. Bleh!!

I shared in a previous post about how fabulous my siblings are. In fact, "fabulous" is really only scratching the surface. Kaari normally has a Tuesday-Saturday workweek, but took Friday & Saturday off with the inane hope we'd all actually be moving into the house by then. Since we were not, she took two of her four days off to help me clean and pack.

View from the kitchen, looking into the living room & bedroom area

And speaking of scratching surfaces, not only the cleaning and packing would have suffered were she not there, but my sanity would have as well. The more I pulled out and packed, the more there seemed to be left to do. Several times, I stopped and stared blankly at the space before me, unable even to form a coherent thought. Efficiency and organizational expert that she is, she kept things moving, taping boxes, packing boxes, setting them in a stack so we could see that despite the appearance of stuff multiplying like rabbits, we were making progress.

Kaari reigns supreme over the chaos!!
(Unfortunately, waving the magic wand did not a clean & packed apartment make)

Once upon a time ... this was my kitchen

Let's not forget Peder! He is my big brother with the big truck. It is greatly to my advantage that he has several years of furniture moving experience under his belt and considers helping his sisters move as just "part of the Big Brother contract". He gave of his time, his muscles, his sweat, and his truck with a cheerful heart and a big grin. Not only that, he managed to get all my furniture (bed, sofa, bookcases, DVD rack, TV, TV stand, etc.) in one load, not to mention several boxes -- a minor miracle. The whole load is now in the basement of my grandparents' home, awaiting (like me) Phase 2 of the Big Move. Mom and Dad even stopped by and packed their car with a few boxes, my bedding, and some smaller items to take another bit of the load away from me.

The truck, all loaded up and ready to go!

So now I'm in the guest room of my friends' (Peggy & Adam) new home, taking up fridge space, using their hot water, and just generally enjoying the hospitality they have extended to me. I'm exhausted, and haven't eaten normal food in at least a few days.

But I wanted to take the opportunity to thank the village (Peder, Kaari, Mom, Dad, Grandpa & Grandma, Peggy & Adam) it took to get me this far, and for those who I know will come through until I'm sleeping on a familiar mattress under a roof that I can call my own.


  1. Apparently it just takes a village to move you! (:

    And me too...soon, very soon, I hope!

    That's a great thing about being a sibling...you never have to ask.

    At least in our family it works that way!

  2. And I literally cannot say enough how thankful I am for that relationship -- the hybrid sibling/best friend one. I LOVE IT!!! You & Peder are the best siblings/best friends a girl could ask for. :o)

  3. I loved this post! So funny. I giggled a number of times. And groaned BIG TIME when I got a look at that packed-to-the-gills truck. Wow.

    The pic "looking out from kitchen into the living and bedroom area" is my fave -- it let us see that you've been inhabiting a very cute space!

    Oh, and my favorite paragraph is the one about the cardboard. :)

  4. oh bruddah....you just reminded me of what i have to do in 2 weeks! :)

    looking forward to seeing the "new space"!

  5. Christianne -- I knew I had to document this journey. Every time I move, I swear it's going to be the last time before I buy my own home. Well ... maybe this time it will be true!! I should post some "before" pics of my apartment. I LOVED that space. So cute, so perfect for one fabulous single gal to live in.

    And glad you liked the cardboard paragraph. :o) It was the oddest smell!

    Blue Mountain Mama -- I am SO, SO happy to hear from you again. Moving is such an adventure, is it not? Toward the end, I thought I was going to lose what little sanity I had left (I'm sure the fumes from bleach & oven cleaner didn't help either). Blessings to you and your family as you undergo this big adventure!!

  6. Kirst, I'd love to see some before pics! I remember the thrill and pride of building my own cute little space to reflect the person I was learning myself to be. Created space is so important, is it not?

    Oh, and I meant to also say that the part you wrote about standing and staring off into space, unable to form a coherent thought, resonated with EXACTLY how I felt and stood in stupor many times during our own recent move last month. It just gets so overwhelming, and it's like your brain just absolutely WILL NOT help you comprehend how to keep organizing your tons of stuff into little brown boxes anymore.

  7. As one of my friends said with a hug last week, "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends... or that he help his friends move!"

    Hi Kirsten! It's Katie (Grider) from Torrey. I found your blog and wanted to say hi. It's been a long time, but I've really enjoyed seeing what you've been up to! It seems like God has been walking close with you and it's realy neat to hear what that's been like.


  8. Christianne -- I will definitely have to do that then. Maybe I'll do a "my old home" and "my new home" post. I loved having reign over that 400 sq ft of space and really making it mine.

    Ah, that blank "moving" stare. So overwhelming!! Several times, it was impossible to comprehend how it would get done, even with all the planning ahead.

    Greetings, Katie!! It is wonderful to hear from you. I have enjoying perusing dankatie.com since you left the URL. So many terrific photos & what a fun site. I am so glad you stopped by and will be checking up on the happenings in yours & Daniel's life now. :o)

  9. That's funny what you say about planning ahead. I'm afraid Kirk and I did pretty much ZERO planning. We didn't have much stuff, after all -- we'd both downsized our lives significantly when we got married, and our previous place was furnished. We thought that meant no planning was necessary. But then the actual move on the day of took many more hours than expected!

    Love the idea for the "old home/new home" post. So fun!

  10. That is so funny, Christianne!! I can completely identify. I downsized a lot too when I moved into that cute little place. But when you're moving, it doesn't take too long to go from "I don't have very much stuff" to "WHERE IN THE WORLD DID ALL THIS STUFF COME FROM!?!?". :o)

  11. Perhaps you could add bravery to the list of qualities? (Seems the your mover has agreed to transport a space ship as well as socks and underwear!)