05 November 2007

stellar autumn day

instead of typing, my fingers have been busy snapping photos.

we had a beautiful autumn day here yesterday; it seemed about half the city turned up at my favorite local waterfront park to take it all in. [hard to believe this, as things were so very different a year ago at this time ...]

taking the opportunity: i stopped, i looked, i listened

raucous laughter on the playground
park bench affections
leaves crowding around my ankles,
crunching underfoot
fiery displays of red, yellow, orange
sun piercing through the chill
clean sharp salty air
wide open space in which to breathe deeply

thank you, LORD for bathing me in this goodness
these moments of light.


  1. Wonderful photographer you are!! Ah, I love the photo of the tree whose branches begin to fade into the background, and also of the tree with three bright pulses of light pushing through from behind its branches.

  2. Thank you, friend!! I so enjoy trying to capture what my eyes see in new ways. Given my previous post, having this day of clarity and light was balm to my soul.

    Praise Jesus!

  3. Beauty—it brings hope.

    Seasons—they bring change.

    Thanks for sharing these moments of light in your life, Kirsten.

  4. just lovely, kirsten! that's one thing i miss being in the mountains.... lakes! there are no natural lakes. the only lakes you found around here are glorified ponds. :) and they are freezing cold from mountain spring water!

    there is something SO peaceful about water....and you captured it wonderfully here.

  5. Beautiful pictures - especially since I sit here, staring at a beige wall, getting my paperwork done.

  6. Thanks, Blue! We've got a few lakes in town, but this is actually ocean. The view you see here is [insert the name of my city] Bay. It alliterates beautifully, I tell you! :o) And I agree -- there is something peaceful & calming about water on a day like that. On this day, there was something about it in particular that fed a need I wasn't sure I knew that I had. I was on my way home from somewhere when my car *just happened* to steer itself this way & I *just happened* to have my camera with me. I love these unexpected blessings!

    I know what you mean, Ilse. I made this stop after driving up the I-5 corridor, so you can imagine what a welcome relief this was compared to staring at the backs of cars!

    And I do so want to hear about the latest date ...

  7. Beautiful. Reflective. Like your other blog. Which I've been enjoying by the way. Some of your best writing is happening there.

  8. LL - Thank you so much. Coming from you, this means so, so much. I think that is one of the best things about this journey -- not so much that it is giving me words to write as it is bringing me more into the fullness of myself, the self I believe God created me to be. And I see now more than ever how writing is a part of that.