05 June 2008

six more random things

Because he makes me laugh and calls me his gluten-free friend, I am taking 23 Degrees's tag-back request to share six more random things. :o)

First, a correction to a random thing in the original post.
I was 2 or 3 years old when the robin egg eating incident occurred, not 5 or 6, and I thought you should know. Thanks for keeping me honest, Mom!!

1. The latte diet took a detour.
I had to switch to decaf because regular coffee was making me break out like a thirteen-year-old. Sadly, even the so-called Anti-Acne Blend that Caleb was good enough to send to me – that he roasted himself at Yaks, by the way – resulted in several facial eruptions of the pimply kind (but that dangerously dark roast is so stinking delicious, I almost didn’t care about the zits). Sometimes I sneak a few fully-leaded beans into my morning grind because 1) it would be tragic and irresponsible of me to let perfectly good coffee beans go to waste, and 2) I’m rebellious & fond of testing my limits.

2. No dish needed.
As far as I’m concerned, this is on my Top 10 List of Things I Love About Being Single. I bought it, no one else eats it, no one else has a right to complain about it, and there is just no sense in dirtying the dish (I do, however, use a spoon). So yes, I am going to be so audacious as to stand in the kitchen & eat Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss Mint Galactica ice cream Straight From the Container.

3. Gasp!! Where is my French homework?!
It would be exaggerating to call them nightmares, but several times a year, I have the same dream that I’m back in high school & have forgotten my French homework and my locker combination. The anxiety that attends these dreams is such that I wake up tense, frantic, my heart pounding with dread, wondering how in the world I could be so irresponsible as to forget my French homework (gasp!!). Incidentally, I never forgot my locker combo, & the one time I forgot a homework assignment in high school, it was for a government class (American government to be specific, which did not involve any guillotines as far as I recall).

4. Gladiator love.
When Christin and I were roommates in our senior year at Biola, we fell in love with the movie Gladiator. We saw it no less than three times in the movie theater, primarily because we were so enamored of the character Maximus (aided in no small part by the fact that he was played by Russell Crowe). Seriously … what’s not to love about a fierce warrior who, when asked how long it’s been since he has been home with his wife and son, replies, “Two years, two hundred and sixty-four days and this morning”? Aw …

5. A trouble-maker, even in utero.
My havoc-wreaking days on this earth began before I even exited the womb; just ask my Mom. I certainly kicked as babies do, but I did kicking one better. I became fond of sticking one of my feet up in between Mom’s ribs. She would push it down and I would put it right back. She would push it down again, and I would shove that cute little foot right back into the same place in those ribs. Over and over again. She was still sore long after I was born because I had managed to break three ribs and tear some cartilage. Ow. Sorry, Mom!

6. Car trip countdown.
If you’ve seen my sidebar, you know I’m a fan of countdowns. On one now infamous family vacation to the Oregon coast when I was about 10 years old, I asked my dad how long it would be until we arrived at our destination. He told me, about two hours. And I asked, how many minutes is that? He told me it was 120 minutes. I would periodically pop my head forward to the little digital clock taped to the dash of the old Chevy Citation and announce: 119 minutes! 118 minutes! 117 minutes! 116 minutes! I think it was at about 114 minutes! that Mom had had enough and ripped (ripped, I tell you!!) that little clock right off the dash.

Whew! For now this gluten-free-eating-decaf-coffee-drinking-standing-in-the-kitchen-eating-coconut-milk-ice-cream-French-homework-dreaming-gladiator-loving-troublemaking-rib-breaking-countdowning girl is going to wrap herself in some red flannel sheets and call it a night.

Peace to you all, and have a great weekend!

pre-grad photo of christin & kirsten {may 2000}
coffee photo by kirsten.michelle


  1. you like testing your limits too? i knew i liked you!

    and you broke your mom's ribs prenatally? yikes! i really admire your mom for not holding that against you. i think i would have had to bring that up to my kids on a regular basis if they were not cooperating with me... "oh sure. break a few more of my ribs while you're at it."

  2. oyy... I still owe you my meme... I have not forgotten.

    Sleep well trouble maker. You should since you drink decaf, dream of Gladiators, and have a tummy full of mint ice cream before you go to bed.

    hmm, mint ice cream and russell crowe...

  3. Um...I'm married and I still eat the ice cream out of the container. Because dried-on ice cream bowls? Among the stickiest things to clean EVER.

    Your poor mom...ouch. But I'm struck by how strong you must have been. Broken ribs...sheesh!

    Love you...

  4. Kirsten
    I love this blog it made me laugh out loud.....especially that clock thing, i am still laughing. Sounds like you were a holy terror. I love it! I can totally relate. Those things brought a few of my own crazy stories to mind. But i will spare you of my weirdness.

    Anyway i think the clock thing is cute, i noticed you have your little countdown for Christianne's visit. That is really sweet.

    And Terri What is it with moms? At conception they inherit some 6th sense ability to make you feel guilty. Now don't trip on me Terri, i am just kidding. Well, i am not kidding but i am just messing with ya.

    Then there is that 7th sense......"don't even try to get away with anything...I have eyes in the back of my head and a radar in my brain...so I WILL FIND OUT."

    The ironic thing about that is, my mom never developed that particular sense........I only led her to believe she was Santa, carrying her little naughty and nice list. Boy was she blinded or else i would have gotten many more spankings when i was a kid.

  5. How scary is it that I have the same dream about highschool - and its always about french class?!? Seriously, i go, and for some reason, I haven't gone to the class all year, and i'm supposed to know all this stuff - oops. But unlike you, I didn't do my french homework when I was supposed to :)

  6. terri - but of course i love testing my limits!! we are kindred spirits, aren't we?? ;o)

    yeah, i get reminded about the ribs thing at the oddest moments. and this was only the beginning of the ways i captured notice in my family. oh, the stories i could tell!!

    carl - oh my, my favorite things!! ;o)

    sarah - i agree, dried on ice cream is not fun. and i'm glad to hear that my straight-from-the-container ways need not necessarily be sacrificed should someone be so brave as to take me as a spouse one day ... ;o)

    tammy - i was a bit of a terror: rib-breaking, clock-counting, & all. i certainly made myself known!!

    ilse - how freaky is it that you have the same dream!! and seriously, what is it about french homework that freaks us out??

    i hope you have a great weekend with your family!!

  7. Kirsten, the weekend with my family was great, as was meeting brian's family. And I got my new bag - I'll post a picture when i get a chance.


  8. All I can say is I am glad that (so far) my children have been kinder to me in utero than you were to your poor mother!

  9. "My name is Maximus Desmus Meridius, Commander of the armies of the north, general of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor Marcus Aurelius, father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife, and I will have my vengence in this life or the next."

  10. We certainly share a mad love for coffee. I’ve tried switching to decaf a number of times, the most recent being just before my vacation when I had adjusted to drinking either tea of full decaf. I fell off the wagon in Scotland though, and now I’ve picked up a habit of going to Starbucks during lunch for a “short” (it’s not on the menu, but it’s smaller than the “tall”) in addition to my morning ½ caff. Have you tried Teechino? I’m skeptical, but I’m planning to give it a try soon.

  11. ilse - glad to hear you had a good weekend! i still can't wait to see your bag ...

    rebecca - i'm glad your children have been better behaved in utero!! i don't know if i'll ever have any, but i hope & pray that if i do, they're better behaved than i was!!

    christin - another favorite quote!! i knew you'd be all over that one. ;o)

    chloe - you have much better self-control than i do if you can restrict yourself to a short!! i always crave more. i haven't tried teechino; you'll have to let me know how you like it!!

  12. The meme has gone live on my blog per your previous invitation.

    Hope you still like me when you are done.

  13. hey, i know those good-looking girls in that college photo . . . you girls are so silly! :)

    you make me laugh about the "no dish needed" element. i join sarah in the ranks of a married girl who eats the little tubs of haagen daaz right out of the little tiny carton. that's why it's tiny, right? it's pretty much the same as eating out of a bowl, only you get to use and use and use the same one for however many days it takes you to finish the carton. :)

  14. wacky, wonderful you! so glad to know some of your quirks. :) going now to eat some icecream in honor of kirsten!!!!

  15. I was scrolling down the page and saw that bright red bag that I sent you awhile back and was filled with a sense of pride to see it standing over the lesser coffees. When I get done building the new shop and start raosting again I'll send you a bag of decaf. Thanks for the call today, it was welcome, needed and apreciated. I'm so glad to hear that things are going better!!! I'll talk to you soon my friend.

  16. Kirsten, thanks for this second list, whohoo! It's these little things that say so much about a person. I was cracking up at "no dish needed." I would have never thought this was possible on a feminine level, thought this was a guy-thing.

    Gladiator is an amazing film, I agree, and resonates with me in so many ways. Ridley Scott is one of my favorite directors.

    I have the same dream, btw, but it is math..and I find it's weeks into the semester and I somehow forgot to go to class.

    Sorry so late in responding. We flooded twice since you posted and I am just getting above water and back to the blogosphere.

    Land ho!

  17. My mother, when indulging in some emotional blackmail, loves to point out that she carried me under her heart for nine months. She aint got nothing on your momma...