07 July 2008

summer dreamin'

Hi friends!!

As you can see, I've had some fun redesigning some things around here. A techie I most definitely am not; I could not have done the three-column format without these instructions. Easy as pie really (even if you are HTML-retarded like me), which means that it was simple enough that the change was accomplished without heaping curses upon my laptop or Blogger, and that is definitely saying something when it comes to making changes in this space!!

Until next time, I hope your summer days are dreamy and relaxing and that someone out there is having a hammock-swinging good time ...

dreaming & hammock photos by kirsten.michelle


  1. Oh, happy summertime! When the livin' is easy. Fish are jumpin'...

  2. hey there!
    happy summer
    i just got done hanging up a hammoc chair...and just had to try it out for awhile...just testing it of course. hehehe.

  3. Wow Girl, what a great blog! I am totally linking you. :) I'll read more of it later, but I wanted you to know that your last entry about the unnatural fog made me think of the "thin places" mentioned in Borg's Heart of Christianity. We just read that in our book group and are now reading The Powers that Be by Walter Wink. Very engaging stuff!

  4. I was chatting with my wife about where we would like to someday retire (15+ years from now). The hammock picture and setting is just what we are looking for.

  5. Oh. Great. Hammock.

    (Hmmm... does that sound like a prayer to the Hammock God? Oops. : )

  6. heather - oh how i love the summertime!!

    nancy - i'm jealous. let me know if you need any help hammock-testing!!

    katie - thanks for stopping by!! it's great to cross paths again. and borg's book sounds like one i might need to read. ah yes, another book to add to the pile. ;o)

    brian - that picture was actually taken at a friend of a friend's house in kent, wa over the fourth of july weekend. it was a pretty little piece of property. :o)

    l.l. - i do believe the hammock god is a lesser deity. i won't tell anyone!! :o)

  7. Kent? Never thought that I might retire in Kent. Might have to think about that for a bit...

  8. i know!! kent?? really?? who woulda thought?

    i'm sure there are other pretty spots on a lake somewhere (not in kent) where you could string up a hammock & watch the sun go down. :o)

  9. Love your layout. It honestly looks great. You may not be a techie, but you are WAY more advanced than I am. The hammock picture made me jealous. I'd love to be there right now...

  10. Now the hammock is truly calling my name! Loved that photo...yep that has me all over it! Thanks for sharing!

  11. hello, my friend! how fun that you're changing things up here on your blog. you continue to be a fount of inspiration to me when it comes to blog design. :)

    sigh. it's good to be back and checking back in with you and our blogworld. love you, girl. love you so much.

  12. Kirsten,

    I love hammocks! It looks serene. Missed you.