01 July 2008

... and then there were four

Christin is coming too!!

That's right friends ... four of us!! Christin is coming from Texas. Christianne is coming from Florida. And Sarah is coming from California. What kind of special is that?! This is almost too much love!!

And let me tell you ... there is all sorts of squealing going on over here ...

Christin & Kirsten in Stanley Park, Vancouver B.C.
July 2007


  1. whoop-whoop!! i'm whooping it up over here!! the days cannot pass fast enough!!

  2. WOW! That's amazing girl. You are going to have one full, happy house!

  3. lots of praise will be taking place. some tears and moments of true joy. Have a blessed time of fellowship. scott

  4. Hot dang!!! Maybe you should all pick a book and we can get some good 'ol fashioned Lewis going off tangent discussions going! 8^D

    But seriously though, send my love to the Yellow Rose of Texas when she gets up there!!!

  5. That sounds like such fun - i'm so excited for you!

  6. christianne - i'm TOTALLY whooping it up too!! i agree, it can't go by fast enough ... 7 weeks & counting till YOU ARE HERE!! thanks for starting this trend, girlie!!

    terri - this is going to be one full, amazing house. sleeping arrangements well be, ah ... interesting, but i don't think anybody is going to mind much!!

    scott - thank you, i think you are right on about the joy, the praise, the laughter, & the tears. it should be a great time!!

    sean - isn't that awesome!! i can't believe the mini-reunion we get here. it's awesome!!

    ilse - i'm beside myself with giddiness. it's going to be a blast!!

  7. Can I bring my students on a field trip? Sounds like something we wouldn't want to miss seeing or hearing (all the hugs and squeals and grins and crying, etc.). Enjoy!

  8. i, for one, think it will be fun to sleep on the floor in sleeping bags and/or blankets. and, you may or may not know that one of the guesthouses i rented in my single days had no bed (by my own choice -- it was a studio, and i wanted to entertain guests with a complete living room environment instead), so i slept on the floor with quilts for half the year and on the couch the other half of the year, alternating as i needed a change.

    i guess you could say, no problem accommodating unusual sleeping arrangements for this girl! that's codespeak for "bring on more fun lovelies!!" :)

  9. It's a conference! A retreat! A sleepover party! :) What fun.

  10. joelle - there will be lots of girlie giggles & squeals, i am sure!! no doubt it will be a sight to behold (or, is that a sound to hear??)

    christianne - it is so funny that you say that, i had a dream last night where all of us were on the floor of my house in sleeping bags, listening to a thunderstorm outside (that's what the weather was doing here last night). hmm ... i think you're on to something there!!

    l.l. - it is going to be a bit of a conference, isn't it?? :o)

  11. I'm sorda new here, but it seems that when you and your friends get together, it's a party!

    Happy 5th of July...the day after the 4th usually has really good leftovers.

  12. As CSI! I am new here too, found your link through his posting!
    I have read some of your past posts...and have to say you are spot on with some of the same feelings I had felt when I had thyroid issues. Those issues soon manifested into Thyroid Cancer (which resulted in a total thyroidectomy). So, now I am dependent for the rest of my life on thyroid supplements. It is like a power play most days. And I have too, experienced 'the fog'.

    And just wanted to comment on your photos...just breathtaking. And your writing is fab! Thanks! I hope you don't mind me popping over once in a while.

    Hope you come by my blog when you get a moment to say hello!
    Have fun with your 'full house' of love!