27 October 2008

welcome home

Welcome to the new digs, friends!!

Anna and Elyse and I signed the lease on the new place on Saturday.

#101 red door

I'm also happy to report that Kaari and Melissa have already found an amazing gal to take my place in our current house. God is good!!

Come on in and take a little tour with me ...


  1. nice red door

    and a very lovely kitchen

  2. Gorgeous. Is the "freakin' huge master suite" yours? And you're gonna love that kitchen somethin' fierce, I betcha ;) I'm so glad you have such a fab new home!!

  3. That's a beautiful house! I adore the red door. I've always wanted a red door (very feng shui, you know). And the bathroom's so nice.

  4. Beautiful K! I really, really love it! Such a well laid out place. The windows are awesome, a lot of natural light:)

    I agree with Sarah...that kitchen was calling your name already...lol!

  5. nancy
    i love the red door too!! and the kitchen ... ooh, don't get me started. it was love at first sight.

    the freakin' huge master suite will go to elyse (she with the dark hair) and yes ... the kitchen is such a big part of why i love this space.

    yes!! i love it, too. ;o)

    it is well laid out & i loved the natural light too. that is so important to me in any space i call home.

    so now you've been on the tour!! and yes, many a tasty (gluten-free & dairy-free) meal will be cooked in that space, i am sure. ;o)

  6. You have a red door! You have a red door!

    I've always had a thing for red doors. :)

    Wow. The space looks great! I like all the different colors on the walls. And yeah, that freakin' huge master suite is honkin' big.

    I totally connected with your squeal over the kitchen, as it's so much more space than you have right now. Yay, you!

    So thrilled things are coming together smoothly, friend. Love you.

  7. ...what a beautiful home! It's where the heart is...

  8. Looks like a cool place!

    Seattle is a great area, you are going to enjoy it. You already have 2 other gals to enjoy it with!

  9. i love... the red door... have always... wanted... a red door... it speaks... of daring... of promise!

  10. The area you moved to is really cool. I think that you will enjoy all the new stuff to explore. And the red door rocks!!

  11. Your blog and writings are beautiful. Would you mind if I subscribed?
    ~ A sister