08 July 2010

on vacation

Starting tomorrow, the hubby and I are going to be out of town. Our ride to the airport is picking us up at 3:25 am. Even a habitual early riser like me is groaning about that hour!! As to our destination, it is neither exotic, nor tropical, nor where all the babymooners are heading this summer season.

We're going to Kansas!!

That's right, we're visiting family. James' family lives there and every summer, there's a big birthday bash for all the nieces and nephews (at last count, that's twelve kids, I think. By the time this little bean is done baking, it will be 14). That shindig is going to be this weekend. While we're there, I also look forward to seeing the Petermann side of the family, some friends who have been on the other end of several phone calls over the last year and more, all of whom haven't seen me since I was wearing a wedding dress.

Boy, are they in for an eyefull!

This means, of course, that I'll be away from blogging and social media. I'm not even sure that my cell phone will work there. Trust me, this is much more likely to hurt me more than it hurts you.

We'll be back on the 16th, and I look forward to catching up with you then!


  1. I was thinking about you, and all the other pregnant mamas last night in this heat. Hope you have somewhere air conditioned to hide out for today! Have a wonderful vacation too - enjoy taking time to rest and put your feet up. Perhaps over a glass of sweet tea or two!

  2. Have fun! I hope you get to relax and rest and have a grand ol' Kansas time.

  3. Kansas is the place to be! :)

  4. safe travels,
    and have a fabulous time.

  5. Yay! :0) Be safe and have a great time!!!!

  6. I loved Kansas when I drove through it a couple different times -- so beautiful, all those cornfields!

    It's fun to remember some of the people from your wedding who will be there when you visit. Have a great time, friend! I hope it's full of nothing but joy and fun for you!

  7. Hope you have a great time!! :)