17 July 2010

a very awkward exchange indeed

It's the pregnant lady here again with another rant about people's comments about my size. For the record, I feel fantastic. I still love (and I don't use that word lightly) the way I look. I love the way this belly feels. But I'm learning now that it is a well-established fact that there are those people out there who see a pregnant belly and check their brain cells at the door.

I'd like to detail this exchange which happened at an organic grocery store in Kansas.

28 weeks pregnant

Employee: When are you due?
Me: October 5.

Employee: [Eyes bug out and mouth hangs open a little bit]
Employee: Are you sure?

Me: Yep, October 5. I'm 28 weeks.
Employee: Well, maybe you're having twins. Doctors can miss those things, you know.

Me: Well, we've been extensively scanned and the baby that is in there is quite a mover, so I'm sure we would have noticed if there were two babies in there.


Employee: Well maybe the doctor got your due date wrong.
Me: [Slightly irritated] No ... we've been practicing NFP [Natural Family Planning] and we know exactly -- to the day -- when this child was conceived.

Employee: Well ... uh, well ... Are you SURE there aren't twins in there??
Me: Yep, we've very sure.

Employee: WOW, you're just ... really, really BIG.
Me & hubby: [Awkward, irritated chuckle].

Me: Well, I feel great.
[Somewhere in there, we probably said goodbye]

This photo was taken the day AFTER that exchange.

We had to laugh about it, really. But I kinda really just wanted to slap her.


  1. it's a little bizarre to conceive of someone arguing with your due date... and really, it does seem that you'd need to at least check your manners, if not your brain at the door to have a conversation like that! Glad you managed to laugh! You look fabulous :)

  2. You mean you DIDN'T slap her? Wow . . . there's some serious self control! I cannot believe the things people say to you. I actually got the opposite . . . "Are you sure you're 25 weeks?" or (my personal favorite) "Are you sure you're pregnant?" Um . . . yeah, actually.

  3. oh my goodness, i would have seriously said something not so nice to her. i haven't had any comments, yet, but i'm only a week behind you and i think i'm pretty similar in size ... maybe people just sense i'll bite their heads off if they tell me i'm big. LOL

    i think you look AMAZING!

  4. How convenient that cashiers have sonograms in their scanners and can tell your real due date. You'll just have to explain to your doctor to update your chart, now that you've gotten a second opinion from the organic food employee.

    I don't think anyone should comment on any woman's belly at any time for any reason! It should just be a general rule of society.

    But seriously, I wouldn't take it too personally. Because the rest of your body is slim, the belly may be more noticeable to them in comparison.

  5. you really don't look that big to me. And if you were to walk in that same grocery store in a month or so you could show that checker what "really really big" looks like.
    I think people just don't see 'really' pregnant women that often and just don't remember that you are infact, growing a baby that will come out (on average) around 7lbs. what the heck do they expect to see?

    hang in there mama you look great.

  6. you're just carrying forward.
    you're tiny and the baby is out in front .
    that is all.

    I won't bore you with my " when I was pregnant" stories, but with my first, we spent a lot of time in the city where my husband grew up, attending weddings, etc. I was analyzed, touched , advised, rubbed, blessed, etc by all of his touchy feely Italian relatives. It was a shock to my very non expressive no contact upbringing to say the least :)

    you are gorgeous.
    perfect and gorgeous.

  7. You look small to me for 28 weeks, so that employee is just crazy and has no apparent manners. Seriously you look fabulous!

  8. You look wonderful! And happy! And you're a better person than me for continuing your "polite" conversation with that rude/ignorant clerk!

    P.S. Love the "check the brain cells at the door", so accurate in this case!

  9. You look fantastical! beautiful! I cannot believe, even still, that these idiots are walking this earth. Who do I need to smack for you? :)

  10. Send 'em over to see the pictures of me pregnant with my 10 pound son. Or my mom's pictures of her pregnant with her 11 lb. 3 oz. daughter (moi!). She'd have thought we were Octo-mom. Ha! Wonder what she would have said to Octo-mom..."Are you sure there aren't more than 8 babies in there?"

    People are dumb. Ignore them. Or tell them to myob.

  11. i can't believe the things people say! good lord, i hope i never come across so rudely (or annnoyingly!!!)