25 August 2010

fyi (a service announcement for the general public regarding my pregnancy)

I don't know whether I receive more unsolicited pregnancy comments than the average child-bearing woman, but I seem to get plenty. This should cover all the bases for those curious strangers out there ...

34 weeks pregnant by kirsten michelle

We are having a boy and are naming him Ewan (pronounced like the words "you win" strung together). My due date is October 5.

Yes, the belly is "for real".

No, I am not having twins (or multiples of any other number).

Yes, I am sure about the due date (really).

Yes, it is quite hot this summer and no, we don't always get to plan when and how these things happen.

No, I haven't popped yet. Speaking of popping, could you please make your eyes pull back into your skull? They kind of freak me out.

Yes, I do know that my ankles are swollen. If it bothers you to look at them, please avert your eyes.

No, I am not ready to "just be done." Here's a thought: try asking me how I feel about it instead of assuming that I must loathe my pregnant condition. While I am well aware that this stage of pregnancy comes with its share of discomforts, I am one of those rare creatures who truly enjoys being pregnant and giving this baby what he needs for as long as he needs it. It's a privilege, not a burden.

Thank you very much for your unsolicited opinion regarding my size, and I am terribly sorry to have to reveal the wrongness of your opinion, but my doctor and medical science would disagree with your assessment that I'm "huge" or "so big." I am measuring exactly on track for a woman carrying one baby at this stage of pregnancy. I'm supposed to look this way.

It's really not any of your business, but my weight gain is also within normal ranges.

I am feeling great (thank you) and my energy levels are off the charts. I can still kick butt at the gym.

Yes, I am hungry again.

And yes ... I am going to eat that.


  1. But wait... you didn't answer the question of "Is that for real??"


  2. Oh, you are not big or huge or any other word they want to say. You are simply radiant. i only hope that should i ever have the pleasure of being pregnant i look as beautiful.

    PS- Ewan is a lovely name. :-)

  3. You are GORGEOUS!

    Love this photo of you, friend.


  4. hehe! I love it! too funny! ...and you are perfect! I truly don't understand why people feel the need to make dumb comments!

  5. I love this! you tell 'em! you are one of the most beautiful pregnant women I know. so glad you and Ewan are doing so well. I'm glad you are enjoying every moment of your pregnancy...Ewan is one blessed and loved boy!

  6. and one more thing, I DID just go pee, but what's it too you. When you have someone using your bladder as a pillow these things happen.
    Oh and yes, I am 'still here' [at work] because obv. my belly is still big and I haven't pushed this kid out yet. Don't worry about it...

    I have to keep explaining to people that we don't know the sex, we didn't find out and we are quite happy with that choice. I just know it isn't puppies- it's a baby people, a baby.

    The looks of fear from everyone at work are pretty funny right now too- like they are going to need to put on their galoshes at any minute, should my water break while I am hanging out answering phones and doing my job.

    you don't look huge, you look beautiful! (come take a look at me, I am HUGE. but that will happen when you are only 1.5 wks away from your EDD!)

  7. LOVE this . . . I wanted to say much of that right before I had Mirren.

  8. It's amazing what some people say to pregnant ladies! I think you look awesome! I don't get why some people think that all women hate being pregnant. I am miserable (carpal tunnel syndrome and sciatica) but I would LOVE to carry this baby to 40 weeks and I won't complain about it at ALL because even with all the little discomfort, I LOVE being pregnant.

    Maybe you should print this post out and pass it to people who start in with the inappropriate comments :)

  9. You're not the only one, hang in there sister and enjoy every moment. Even if you have other kids this will be your FIRST so memorize that feeling - you can't ever get it back.

    Here was my post on it and that was in February and I gave birth in April must be something about that time frame that makes people loose their decency when talking to you: http://thedaveye.blogspot.com/2010/02/huge.html

  10. Oh, dear. I first read "No, I haven't pooped yet." :O

  11. Bravo! Enjoy this fullness....

  12. you are absolutely gorgeous.
    I know if I saw you I'd smile to the core. Just visiting here ( which i do even if I don't have time to comment right away ) ... always make me remember being pregnant and how sacred that was.
    I guess people just want to say something...

  13. This post just cracked me up. You are reveling in your pregnancy -- as it should be! God's gift

  14. I love this post. It's so precious. I just happened across your blogs this morning as I was reading the comments left on LisaLeonardonline.com ... someone listed you as the bravest person they know and left a link to your blogs. My heart goes out to you. Please know my prayers will be with you and your family.