03 January 2009

retrospective {2008}

me & elyse (roomie) on new year's eve

Before we get too far into 2009, I thought I'd take a peek over my shoulder to remember what 2008 held for me. Take a walk with me ...

January 2008
This is the month I turned 30 ... at home. By myself. With the flu and a 104 fever. Once recovered, I was able to enjoy a great [gluten-free] birthday dinner with friends.
Not only did I get to visit Christianne, but we learned that we would get to share forty minutes in the StoryCorps booth interviewing one another. Oh, and the whole getting to Florida part? That was pretty funny, too.

February 2008
I went with friends to see Chris Botti live at Jazz Alley in Seattle. It was amazingly beautiful.
I decided to go to the Christian writer's conference at Mount Hermon, reserving my spot just two weeks prior. It was a leap of faith, and I trust it was not in vain.
There was this day where my heart crept up on me (and who but my favorite Christianne-girl should offer me this sweet gem?)
I posted this piece: a confession about how I've treated my body over the years and to which I received responses that made me weep.

March 2008
I continued down a path of remembering, exploring places I hadn't visited in a long time so I could spend time tending to the fears and hurts of a very confused and heartbroken 13-year-old me. It's a path I continue to visit from time to time.
I tried new writing exercises and shared a descriptive piece about waking up.

April 2008
I made a commitment to cut back on my latte habit in favor of French press coffee so I could steward my funds more responsibly (but now I may have a slight French-press addiction).
I shared photos from a solo photo session that I had simply to celebrate me and the life I'm living.

May 2008
Kaari and I bought tickets to Ireland. We will be on our way in just 5 weeks!!
I shared continued and mounting struggles with my health, including my frustration with a malfunctioning thyroid and all the symptoms that came with it.

June 2008

I learned that the loveliest of lovelies (Christianne, Sarah, and Christin) would be coming to visit me in August!!
In a three part series, I shared in depth about the profound implications that my chronic health issues had on me physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally. I talked about the darkness, and then about emerging from it.

July 2008
I continued in the vein of sharing how my health issues were affecting me. I was increasingly frustrated and losing both patience and hope.

August 2008

And more about the health issues (are you sensing a theme?). More frustration, more tears, more just plain ol' sick & tired of it.
And the girls came to visit. It was so incredibly beautiful.

September 2008

Having tried a variety of treatments that all ended up failing, I took some proactive steps in my quest for better health and I felt loved and held in that space.
Sarah shared with me that she had a dream about how God was catching every single tear I shed. And then I shed some more.
I learned that I was faced with a tough and unexpected decision about whether or not I would move for my job.

October 2008
My friend Peggy and I had some fun at the pumpkin patch!!
I remembered those things I would miss about living in Bellingham.

November 2008
I moved.
I unpacked.
I lived in a sea of cardboard.
And I worked, and I worked, and I worked.

December 2008
I worked, and I worked, and I worked some more.
I unpacked some more and said goodbye to what I was sure was an endless pile of cardboard and packing material. Good riddance!!
I set out to explore the new environs.
I played in the snow (as there was plenty of it).

I'm very excited to see what 2009 holds!! Though just 2 days into the new year, it is already proving to be a year full of promise. Things I have waited for and hoped for and prayed with tears for appear to be within reach, ripe with the possibility of fulfillment that exceeds my wildest hopes. It was as though 2008 was a year of letting go and maybe, just maybe ... 2009 will be about being able to receive new and better things.

Stay tuned as the journey unfolds ...


  1. You are nothing shy of amazingness, my friend. What a year! It's so much fullness, put there all in one place. It's hard to believe all those things happened in the course of one year, so many things that could never have been forseen on the second day of the 2008 year, a year ago from where you stand today. It really goes to show just how much can unfold before us without our ever expecting it or anticipating what will come.

    I'm so excited for you, my dear friend, in this new and upcoming year. All this beauty . . . that sounds just about right.

  2. May this be a year of fulfillment for you, friend. So much has happened...when I see it laid out like this I can't help but want to know the rest of the story, how the pattern that started now gets played out. So beautiful...

  3. I am glad to share in some small part in your journey. I know the health battles, and I know the joy of coming out the other side of it a more well rounded soul. Thanks for being transparent here.

    I have watched you, Christine and Sarah mature so much in your relationship. Of course I am not privy to the little details, but what you guys share here is such a great witness to the power God has to knit us together in relationships.

    Here is to a happy, healthy, awesome new year!

  4. Hey girly! Love the photo! Happy New Year! Missed ya!

  5. Don't know why I'm only now reading this.... Awhile ago I read a lovely gem of a book on grief, saying goodbye. The premise of the book was that "hello" always accompanies goodbye. Letting go always means receiving. I do hope your 2009 is filled with greeting and welcome!

  6. An amazing year, really. Yes?

    So glad it included meeting you at MH. That was a privilege. Love that pic, btw!

  7. Kirsten, it seems the "moving" and "relocating" and "new possibilities" have been on multiple planes! :)

  8. Hi Kirsten,
    It was first a goggle search about elimination diets that connected me to you. Then your beautiful photos.Now I find that I have spent the last 30 minutes reading about your thoughts and getting to know you. Funny how that works.
    How is your elimination diet going.Did it help? You can email me at lsignori@verizon.net if you have a moment. I would love to know your feeling about your restricted elimination diet.
    Hope you are adjusting well to your new home. You do live in a beautiful part of the country:-)